How To Get Some Beauty Sleep In A Very Busy Life

Beauty Sleep
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It is one thing to feel sleep-deprived, but seeing the imprint of lack of sleep on your face is a wake-up call.

Beauty sleep is called beauty sleep for a reason. 

Your body and face need time to recover from a busy day, but if you’re mostly getting less than 8 hours of sleep, you’ll very soon witness wrinkles, eye bags, and patchy skin, as well as medical conditions, caused by lack of sleep.

Here is how you can get some beauty sleep no matter how busy you are:

Sleeping Schedule 

A busy life because of work, studying, or other activities can often dictate your sleeping schedule. Many people sleep in on days when they don’t have an early morning meeting or sleep later at night when they need to study longer.

While there is nothing wrong with a busy life dictating the way we go about our day, it can become a problem when it comes to maintaining a sleep schedule.

No matter how much we deny it, our brain likes organization, balance, and a predictable routine. 

The only way to satisfy this requirement is to follow a regular sleep schedule.

Sleep debt is a real problem and it can take our brains quite a while to recover even one hour of lost sleep.

Self-care Routine

Following a self-care routine before going to bed can add “beauty” to your sleep. 

A self-care routine before bed can ensure that as your skin repairs during the night, it has all the necessary nutrients and hydration. Not having a clean and hydrated face can lead to clogged pores that prevent the rejuvenation process.

Additionally, your nighttime self-care routine should address any other sleep issues you may have. 

For instance, grinding your teeth at night can severely affect the quality of your sleep. Hence, this would be the stage where you put on your Smile Brilliant custom-fitted night guard because it’s been proven to be the most effective solution.

Bedroom Environment

A busy life means that you will not be able to spend a lot of time trying to fall asleep as every minute of sleep counts. To combat this, you need to create a sanctuary when it comes to your bedroom environment.

Add everything that you need to set a relaxing tone. 

Some adults cannot prefer to cuddle a pillow or teddy bear and others depend on white noise. Instead of fighting these tendencies, lean into them and allow your body to relax. These sleep associations can really help in dozing off without wasting time turning in your bed.

Play music, get comfy pillows, a great mattress, and even a couple of plants to add to the relaxation sanctuary that is your bedroom.

Disconnect Devices

You’ll frequently hear sleep specialists and scientists talk about how your bedroom should only be reserved for sleeping not any devices. This is great advice when it comes to getting some beauty sleep.

If you are very busy, chances are high that you are working on your electronic devices all day whether it is your phone or your laptop. These devices emit harsh blue light that affects your ability to sleep

Thus, these distractions whether it is blue light, notification dings, phone call ringers, or email whooshes, can hinder your ability to sleep well at night.

You might have a job that requires you to have your phone near you as you may be on-call or even have your alarm set for the next day. When it is impractical to keep your phone away from you, set your phone on do not disturb, turn on a warm color scheme, or even disconnect the WiFi.


As we mentioned, there are many things that you can do to get some “beauty sleep” regardless of how demanding your life is. 

By following a sleep schedule, deploying a self-care routine, perfecting your bedroom environment, and disconnecting from your devices, you too can get a good night’s rest.

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