How Do I Become A Good Commercial Construction Estimator?

Commercial Construction Estimator
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Estimating the cost of any project is crucial in the construction industry. Every other project requires proper construction estimation. Therefore, you will see high demand for well-qualified estimators which is crucial for the construction and growth of the industry. Most clients often consult construction estimating services to ensure they have proper plans and budgets for their projects. On the other hand, contractors are hiring commercial construction estimating services to learn about the costs and earn profit accordingly. 

On the other hand, becoming a good commercial construction estimator is a need of the hour for commercial construction estimators. There are different skill sets, educational backgrounds, university programs, and other factors contributing to this topic. The right combination of them is what you need to become a good estimator. When you talk about commercial estimations, they are a bit more complex and depend upon the location and size of the project. 

Importance Of Good Commercial Estimator For Construction Estimating Services

Cost control is no doubt a major aspect of any construction project. Moreover, commercial construction projects achieve success through professional estimators and construction estimating services. A good estimator calculates the cost as well as risks for the project. In this blog, you will learn about how to become a good estimator and its characteristics. 

On the other hand, good estimators work to provide construction estimating services to commercial projects for their success. It ensures that resources are sufficient for the construction of the project. Good estimators have backgrounds in different fields such as engineering and architecture since such backgrounds help them to earn skills to become good estimators. 

Process To Become A Good Commercial Construction Estimator

Multiple paths are available for you to become a good commercial construction estimator and perform duties to provide construction estimating services in the project. Patience, the right skills, the will to work, and experience are going to help you a lot in this journey. Below is the traditional and most suitable path to becoming a good commercial construction estimator: 

  1. Get A Bachelor’s Degree

The start of your journey to becoming a commercial construction estimator is by getting a bachelor’s degree. Certainly, it can be in different fields related to construction. Any degree such as civil engineering or other is necessary to attract employers due to the fact that you already know about the construction activity. Moreover, a course or qualification in project management, finances, or business management is surely advantageous. 

  1. Look For Internships / Apprenticeships To Gain Experience

Earning a bachelor’s degree is just starting. On the other hand, while enrolled in a degree program, you can work on different internships or opportunities. Additionally, there are complete apprenticeship opportunities available to earn experience while performing the duties of the job. 

After a bachelor’s degree, you need to start looking for a job at some construction company or construction estimating services firm. Most candidates are hired by the company where they have completed their apprenticeships or internships. Moreover, in entry-level jobs, you will work under senior or professional estimators to gain job experience and earn skills. 

  1. Get Job

After the internship or apprenticeship, it is time to get an entry-level job. Moreover, in entry-level jobs, you will work under senior or professional estimators to gain job experience and earn skills. You will learn a lot of skills and industry experience to grow and become a good commercial construction estimator. One of the main employers of commercial construction estimators is commercial construction estimating services. On the other hand, general contractors are also interested in hiring construction estimators. In short, the jobs depend upon the location of the industry and construction companies. Moreover, many estimators are also contractors and perform the duties of estimations for their contracting business. If you are also interested in how to become a general contractor in California, you need to understand more about the role of a contractor and learn the qualifications. 

  1. Earn Certifications

Earning a certificate or credential through some reputable organization is also helpful. It helps to demonstrate your profile and skills to employers. Many certifications are available such as:

  • The American Society of Professional Estimators
  • The Association of The Advancement of Cost Engineering
  • The Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis

Skills For Good Commercial Construction Estimator

Commercial construction estimating services require a complete set of skills. It is necessary for good commercial construction estimators to have skills and practices to perform their professional duties. Skills come over time and you need to prepare to gain them. Below are some skills to focus on from starting to achieving advanced levels:

  1. Technical Skills

Technical skills include relevant skills to your job. This includes computer usage, and estimating using different software such as Planswift, RSmeans, AutoCAD, and others.

  1. Maths

Estimating requires a lot of work with numbers. Therefore, you must have math skills and love to work with numbers.

  1. Data Analysis

You will get more and more numbers as data. You need to analyze the data to make decisions regarding accurate estimations and bids. 

  1. Critical Thinking

You need to develop the estimate and bid for winning the job and keeping the cost enough to perform the work. This means you need to avoid errors and think critically to improve the estimation process. 

  1. Problem Solving

A good commercial construction estimator needs problem-solving skills to solve issues in commercial projects. This will make him at the top of the list for any construction estimating job. 

  1. Details Oriented

Attention to detail is very important to avoid any costly errors in the estimations. Working with details is crucial to have a good estimate. 

  1. Time Management

Time management is important for any job, especially estimating jobs. Certainly, you will work in a stressful environment and achieve close deadlines through time management skills. 

  1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are important as well. Certainly, you will need it to communicate with stakeholders and clients to answer their questions and develop your understanding of the project. 


Becoming a good commercial construction estimator is easy if you follow the process and keep patience while earning experience and gaining skills. Commercial construction estimating services hire good estimators having certain degrees and experience such as internships or apprenticeships. You need several qualifications and skills to kick-start your career and learn as you grow.

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