A Guide to HME Medical Billing

HME Medical Billing

The healthcare industry is moving towards growth and the quality of patient care is now better than ever. As the ways to treat the patients are enhancing, it gives rise to the complexity of medical billing as well. One such medical domain that is constantly under the pressure of billing challenges is HME (Home Medical Equipment).

Handling the administrative burden in the ever-evolving medical sphere requires precision and extensive knowledge. It is also time-consuming due to which healthcare providers are unable to devote extra time to it. However, an HME medical billing company can take over this task and lead to positive results.

An HME billing company realizes the importance of keeping up with the changes in policies, regulations, and compliance. On top of that, it takes measures to maintain this responsibility.

But first, let us begin this blog by understanding HME and its scope in medical billing. We will see how you as an HME provider can improve your administrative process with some common tips.

Defining HME Billing

Home Medical Equipment (HME) is closely related to the term (DME) Durable Medical Equipment. In simple terms, we can define it as equipment that a patient can use at home.

Many individuals go through long-term ailments where normal day-to-day activities are hampered. Equipment is like an aid during the treatment so that there is a speedy recovery. Such equipment is meant to be installed or used directly by the patient in their own home.

HME is vital to different types of treatments. Its wide usage is directly related to financial performance as intricacies in its billing can disrupt the cash flow. HME providers need to take extra care to ensure the smooth flow of operations to prevent revenue leakage.

The equipment that falls under this category is hospital beds, oxygen tanks, prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, crutches, and many more.

Now that we have touched on the topic of HME, it is time to know about HME billing.

HME Billing

HME billing is the process of receiving revenue by timely and accurate claims submission. This is done through a whole process that involves different steps. These steps begin with the entry of the patient into the healthcare facility and end when reimbursement is received.

The steps to HME billing are what make it complicated. HME billers must adhere to the dynamic nature of guidelines and compliance regulations. All this highlights the need to outsource the process to an HME medical billing company.

Outsource HME Billing Services

Outsourcing means giving away the administrative responsibilities to a third-party medical billing company. The bright side is taking help to get adequate revenue but choosing the right partner is a task in itself.

It requires a thorough review of available options and how they will benefit your healthcare practice. You need to look for a provider that offers the following services:

  • Complete evaluation of claims before submission
  • Follow compliance measures to secure data
  • On-time claims submission
  • Early identification of drawbacks to find out solutions for the same
  • Management of the Revenue Cycle
  • Settlement of AR Days

Outsourcers have a team of experts to take care of the process. They understand the nuances of coding and efficiently avoid inaccuracy to receive complete revenue.

When you partner with an HME medical billing company you will get more time to focus on patient care while all the billing tasks being handled carefully by the professionals.

Improve Cashflow with HME Billing   

Choosing medical billing services has overall benefits to a healthcare provider. In the case of HME billing, it is essential to improve the process and get desirable results. From streamlining the process to effectively managing the submission of claims, HME billing services handle it all.

HME billing services enhance the flow of cash for your practice in the following way:

Perfection of Claims

The experts are known for depicting their specialization with results. As they assist at every step in the process, they ensure the accuracy of claims before submission so that there are no delays in receiving reimbursement.

Preference to Audits

Preference is given to regular audits. From the entry of data to claims submission, everything is considered. The reason behind this is to be ready for external audits by ensuring fulfillment of all audit requirements.

Focus on Cash Posting Processes

HME billing services prioritize the cash posting process to make sure that revenue is received and adequately distributed. Proper cash posting is the way to analyze the process to detect and resolve the issues.

Maintenance of Specific Tasks

An HME billing company offers an array of services and one such service is custom solutions to the specific needs of the client. This way healthcare providers get more time to devote to patient care.

Denial Management

This a the most productive way of all. Often there are claim denials and reasons could be anything. However, more than half of the denials are reversible with an easy fix of rectification. HME billing

services render efficient denial management for a smooth cash flow.


An HME medical billing company can take the profitability of your healthcare practice from zero to a hundred. It will not only uplift the accuracy of HME billing and coding but will also lead to exponential results. It tackles the inconvenience of billing with knowledge-filled solutions  

If you are an HME provider looking for an outsourcing partner, then your search is over with Eminence RCM.  

Eminence RCM has a team of specialized HME billers and coders for all your needs. The experts are well-equipped with updated codes and recent advancements in the field of HME billing.

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