How can a car accident lawyer help you if you are injured in a reckless car accident?

Car Accident
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Reckless driving is a criminal offense and along with it comes severe penalties. In such cases, you should avoid representing yourself in a court of law. However, finding the right lawyer to fight on your behalf will save you from harsh punishment. A car accident attorney is seasoned in the field and will help negotiate terms to minimize punishment. In some cases, they might help dismiss all charges. If you are arrested for reckless driving, contact a houston car accident lawyer

  • Protect your rights: A car accident lawyer will ensure all your legal rights are protected after you have been accused of reckless driving. If you are arrested, you have every right to ask for an attorney. Do not answer the police without the presence of a lawyer, as what you say might weaken your case. The attorney will guide you through all the legal procedures, from plea bargains to sentencing options. The attorney is adept with the court procedures and will ensure no one takes advantage of your situation.
  • Gather Evidence: A car accident attorney will gather evidence themselves or hire an investigator to do the same. It is done before the trial starts. The evidence will be collected through witness testimony, expert testimony, video surveillance footage, police records, DNA testing options, etc., to challenge your arrest. The attorney can also gather evidence about unfair treatment by the police or any violation during the arrest. 
  • Reduce your sentence: If guilty as per the verdict, you will face severe penalties for it. In serious cases, like if you have injured another person due to your actions, the sentence will be longer, along with a hefty fine. In such a case, a lawyer can help you ask the judge to reduce your sentence. In many scenarios, judges grant pleas for reduced sentences. 
  • Expunge your record: An arrest after being convicted of reckless driving can affect your life negatively. It might affect your job. If arrested, your lawyer can try to delete your record so that it does not affect your employment opportunities or credit. It can be difficult, but a lawyer will ensure they do the right job.


Arrest due to reckless driving can be traumatic if it is a first-time offense. A car accident attorney’s help will give you confidence that there will be a positive outcome. They will speculate on the process and help you regain your normal life.  

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