The Top 5 Best Shipping Label Printers for Your Business

Best Shipping Label Printers

A shipping label printer is a device designed specifically for the task of printing out shipping labels. It is a must-have for any online business that needs to send out products to customers. It helps streamline the shipping process, making it faster and more efficient. It also makes it easier to keep track of orders, ensuring that your customers get the items they’ve ordered in a timely fashion.

Shipping label printers are also easy to install and use, which is important for businesses that need to be able to get orders out quickly. If you are looking for a shipping label printer for your business, then consider choosing any of these five printers.

MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer P941

The MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It allows you to generate personalized labels straight from any application. It does not require any ink or cartridges. This UPS shipping label printer works with all major shipping and sales systems, including Shopify, Amazon, and others. The MUNBYN shipping label maker can print 700 pages continuously before stopping for 5 minutes to safeguard the equipment.

The MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer has automated label identification which automatically captures labels and feeds them to the printer.

It is an ideal option for warehouse labels, shipping labels, food nutrition labels, Amazon FBA labels, UPS, and other similar applications. Its Label Converter software makes it easy to change USPS 8 x 11 labels into 4×6 labels that can be printed. The P941 printer boasts features such as overheating prevention, one-click installation, and four non-slip mats for anti-slip functionality.

Rollo X1040 Wireless Thermal Label Printer

The Rollo X1040 deserves to be at the top of this list because it is not only a fantastic printer, but it is also the successor to the X1038 highlighted below and does an excellent job carving out a niche in the WiFi-enabled thermal printer industry. This is most certainly the best label printer for eBay sellers, Amazon sellers, or any small-to-medium-sized business shipping physical things.

Putting Wi-Fi in a good shipping label printer means placing it where it belongs, even if there’s no computer nearby. Skip the USB cables, workstations, and everything else that was in the way. We believe this is the ideal printer for small enterprises and individuals. The Rollo X1040 excels in wireless thermal printing, and for the price, it’s difficult to find anything better.

Dymo 4XL Thermal Label Printer

Dymo is a mainstay in the business and is the go-to for many users. Unlike the other shipping label printers on this list, Dymo printers are widely available, with the Dymo 4XL available at most retail office supply stores across the United States and Canada.

The 4XL prints just as effectively as the smaller units in the area of address-label printers. Because of its bigger size, it can also accommodate larger address label rolls. If you need a dual-purpose printer, the 4XL may be the finest option on our list.

The Dymo 4XL shipping label printer, unlike more commercial-oriented systems such as the Zebra ZP-450, does not accept feeding shipping labels from outside the printer. Because only label rolls that can fit within the printer are supported, bigger, bulk-quantity label rolls are removed from the supply list, increasing the cost. If you often use 1000-sheet rolls, get a holder and one of the Rollos on this list instead.

Zebra ZT230 Thermal Label Printer

Shipping label roll-side loading is standard, as is a blazing 6-inch-per-second print pace. It works out to one label every second for those doing the math at home. This shipping label printer also has a higher DPI print quality of 300dpi, which means labels will have more information and barcodes will be crisper, giving beaten-up barcode scanners less of an excuse not to operate properly.

If you purchase your shipping labels in bulk, you’ll be happy to know that 8″ rolls are supported. Especially if you obtain your labels from UPS, the big label roll they supply you will fit perfectly within. The ZT230 accepts all label feed formats, including continuous, die-cut, hole, and black marks.

Arkscan 2054A Label Printer

The Arkscan 2054A shipping Label Printer can print labels from a variety of platforms, including Etsy, Amazon Seller Merchant Fulfillment,, and others. It is a multi-purpose product that can print shipping labels, product labels, barcode labels, and so on. It works with Arkscan labels, Zebra-compatible labels, and Dymo-compatible labels without a pre-printed logo and text on the back. It uses direct thermal technology and hence does not require ink or toner.

It contains “BarTender UltraLite Label Design Software” (for Windows only).

It contains label-design printing capabilities, as well as complete design capabilities for text, images, and barcodes. It also works with UP and FedEx free shipping labels.

Phone, Live Chat, and Remote Access will all provide real-time technical help. It works with a variety of shipping and sales systems, including eBay, PayPal, Shopify ShipStation,, and others.


A shipping label printer is an essential tool for any online business. It allows businesses to print accurate and professional-looking shipping labels, which can help them to save time and money. With a shipping label printer, businesses can quickly create labels for their products, saving them time and hassle.

Each shipping label printer has its own set of characteristics, and the ideal one for you is determined by your needs. Examining the product’s technical specs can assist you in selecting the best one for your company. Another key consideration in this choice is the product’s pricing and budget.

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