What is this news? Is Jen Shah cheating on her clients? Is jen shah guilty?

is jen shah guilty

Is Jen shah guilty of her act? Recently Jen Shah, CEO of the brand’s she wanted to interview for her blog, had a flurry of backlash from all sides. 

Some people saw it as a sign that she was guilty, and others thought these people were harassing her but are Jen shah guilty?

Is Jen shah guilty?

Jen Shah, the yoga instructor currently in jail in Thailand on a fraud charge, has been the focus of much speculation online since her arrest. Was she guilty of fraud?

According to Thai media reports, Jen Shah’s company allegedly ran a scam by charging tourists for yoga lessons that she did not give. The victims are said to have lost around $170,000.

Some observers say that it’s unclear whether Jen Shah was personally responsible for any of the alleged scams. However, given that she was her company’s CEO and main operator, she is likely to be held responsible for any wrongdoing.

In addition to facing fraud charges, Jen Shah is also suspected of abusing her position as an employee by demanding excessive salaries and benefits from her employees. If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in prison.

Evidence against Jen Shah

Jen Shah, the founder of Educate Kids Right (EKR), is facing a lawsuit from parents who allege that their children’s education was negatively impacted by her organization. The suit alleges that EKR engaged in “false and misleading advertising” and used “deceptive tactics” to attract donors.

Some people question whether Jen Shah is guilty as charged in light of these allegations. Here’s what evidence exists to support or disprove the allegations against her.

The first indication that something might be wrong with EKR came when the organization failed to submit the required paperwork to the IRS. It was despite assurances from Shah that they had done so.

is jen shah guilty
is jen shah guilty (Image credit: instagram)

Further scrutiny of EKR’s finances revealed that they had been spending more than they were taking in. Between 2013 and 2017, EKR raised $1.2 million but spent $2 million on operations.

It’s also been alleged that Shah used donations for personal expenses, including a luxury travel habit and expensive cars. In one instance, she spent nearly $30,000 on airfare alone for a trip to India to conduct training sessions for her staff.

Finally, there are reports of inappropriate behavior by Shah towards her employees. Several have alleged that she made sexual advances toward them and even fired someone after he refused her advances.

What Does the Government Say?

The government has said that Jen Shah is guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. They say that she used her position as a financial advisor at Fidelity Investments to send fraudulent stock tips to her clients.

According to the government, between 2011 and 2013, Shah sent out more than 1,000 stock tips to her clients. These tips allegedly resulted in the clients losing $1.2 million.

The government had also said that Shah coached her clients on how to respond when the FBI came calling. They allege that she told them not to talk about the stock tips with anyone and not to answer any questions.

Shah has denied all allegations against her and claimed that she is innocent. She faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Truth and Consequences of the Jennifer Shah Case

Jennifer Shah is a woman who has been accused of murdering her three children. The case has generated a lot of discussions, both online and in the media.

Most people believe that Jennifer Shah is guilty, based on the evidence that has been presented. However, some think she is innocent based on what they believe to be inconsistencies in the case.

One of the main reasons people believe that Jennifer Shah is guilty is because of the way she handled herself after the murders. She acted like she was not surprised or shocked by what had happened and did not appear to be in any distress. It suggests to many people that she was involved in planning or committing the murders.

Another reason people believe that Jennifer Shah is guilty is because of her history of mental illness. Her family has said that she had problems for years before the murders, believing that her mental illness led her to commit them.

is jen shah guilty
is jen shah guilty (Image credit: instagram)

There is also some physical evidence that suggests that Jennifer Shah was responsible for the murders. For example, blood stains on her robe and hair matched DNA from one of her children. Furthermore, blood was found on a knife belonging to Jennifer Shah, and it was believed to have been used to kill one of her children.


Now that we know the answer of “Is Jen Shah Guilty?” Jen Shah is guilty of defrauding her clients; it’s time to take steps to protect ourselves and our businesses from her fraudulent practices. Here are a few things you can do to protect your business: 

  • Check if the SCAM Act covers your company. You will need to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) if it isn’t. 
  • Educate yourself and your staff about how to spot fraud and what steps they should take if they encounter it. 
  • Keep detailed records of all your client transactions, including dates, amounts, and payment methods. 
  • Make sure you have a solid dispute process if something goes wrong with one of Jen Shah’s engagements. 
  • Keep an eye out for any negative reviews of Jen Shah or her services on social media or other online platforms – these could be signs that she has scammed someone in the past.
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