6 Unique Toppings You Should Try On Your Next Pizza

Unique Toppings You Should Try On Your Next Pizza
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Pizza has been a go-to meal since time immemorial. It’s the perfect meal for almost any occasion, whether you’re hanging out with friends, having a party, or simply craving a delicious treat. But while traditional pizza toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, and cheese are popular, why not try something new and take your pizza game to the next level? Whether you’re looking for pizza in Las Vegas, or anywhere else, we’ll explore some unique toppings that’ll make your pizza truly incredible.


Adding eggs to pizza might seem strange, but it’s a classic breakfast item that most people love. You can crack some eggs on top of the pizza before baking, make tiny wells in your toppings, and crack the eggs into them. Then, bake the pizza until the eggs are cooked to your preference. The yolks and whites on your pizza give it an incredibly creamy texture, making it a perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner option. 

Another way to enjoy eggs on pizza is to make a scrambled egg topping. Simply scramble some eggs in a pan and cook until they’re mostly done, then pour the mixture over your prepared pizza before baking. It’s a delicious way to add some extra protein to your pizza!

Grilled Vegetables

For a healthier take on your pizza, try experimenting with various grilled vegetables that add color to your pizza and incorporate fantastic flavors. Opt for vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, peppers, or mushrooms, slice them up, and grill them before adding them to your pizza.

You’ll be surprised how tasty and delicious your pizza will be. In addition, you can also add some olive oil before baking to give the vegetables a nice flavor.

Caramelized Onions

Caramelizing onions gives them a sweet and tangy taste that will bring your pizza to life. Simply sauté the onions in butter or oil until they turn golden brown, then spread them over the pizza dough and top with cheese and any other toppings you’d like. You can also add sugar or honey to the onions while cooking for a sweeter flavor.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is an excellent topping for pizza that adds a unique tangy flavor and creamy texture, and it can be added both before and after baking. If you’re adding feta before baking, sprinkle it on top of your toppings, then add some more when your pizza is almost done baking. Combining feta with other cheeses like mozzarella and Parmesan will give you a delicious flavor.


Pesto is one of the most underrated pizza toppings, and it can make your pizza stand out with an intensely flavorful sauce. Spread the pesto sauce over your pizza crust instead of traditional tomato sauce, and add toppings of your choice, such as olives, fresh basil, Mozzarella cheese, and chicken. It’s a fantastic way to add a new layer of flavor to your pizza.

Another way to make your pizza extraordinary is by using unique ingredients for the crust. You can use whole-wheat or gluten-free flour, cauliflower crust, or sweet potato crust to give your pizza a twist.

Smoked Fish

Using smoked fish such as salmon, trout, or sardines is another unique topping for pizza enthusiasts who love seafood. Incorporating the small fish fillets will provide your pizza with a smoky, salty flavor and pair exceptionally well with the cheese. It’s a perfect topping for your pizza if you’re a seafood lover.


Pizza can be versatile, and adding unique toppings can take your pizza game to the next level. Whether using smoked fish, grilled vegetables, feta cheese, eggs, or pesto, pizzas can go beyond the traditional crust and cheese that dominates regular recipes. Experimenting with unique toppings can be a fun and adventurous way to add flavor and texture to this classic meal. So, next time you’re craving pizza, don’t hold back, try something new and enjoy the delicious flavors!

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