How to Style a Blazer: 8 Fun Ways to Wear a Women’s Blazer

Women's Blazer

Blazers never go out of style. They are timeless pieces that can be paired with almost anything with the right styling tips. The structured fit of the clothing piece is perfect for adding a tinge of sophistication to any outfit. Blazers are a must-have in your wardrobe, don’t know where to get started? We’re here to help. 

Blazer Outfits Ideas to Inspire You

Styling a blazer outfit is extremely easy. You can add it to any ensemble to effortlessly create a look that is chic, classy, and comfortable. Blazers come in varied styles, including boxy fits that form an edgy look and feminine designs that accentuate the waist. Check out these blazer combinations to get started. 

  • Look off-duty
  • Pair it with dresses
  • Sweatpants for a relaxed look
  • Blazer dresses
  • Bralettes and crop tops
  • Suiting up
  • Wear it with shorts
  • Skirts and blazers

Look off-duty

If you’re looking for an outfit that makes you look effortlessly sophisticated, pairing your blazer with a well-fitted tank top and slouchy jeans is all you need to do. This ensemble will have you looking like a model who has just walked out of a shoot while you do the grocery shopping for the week. 

Pair it with dresses

While your flowy dress might not come to mind when you think of blazers, they make a lovely pair. Find a double-breasted blazer that complements your dress to put together an outfit that is ideal for a lunch party or a casual day at work. You can pair an oversized black blazer with your favorite mini black dress for a look sure to have heads turning in every room you enter. 

Sweatpants for a relaxed look

Sweatpants and blazers make for the perfect airport look. It is comfortable and chic, offering you the best of both worlds as you travel overseas. From Gigi Hadid to Priyanka Chopra, we’ve seen a range of airport looks that are to die for. Going on vacation this week? Don’t forget to try out this trendy combination. 

Blazer dresses

Blazer dresses are a great addition to your collection and a perfect solution when you’re looking to switch up your dress wardrobe. They are classy if you’re going for drinks after work or getting dinner with your partner. Pair it with pumps and an elegant sling bag for a lovely outfit that can take you through the day. 

Bralettes and crop tops

The blazers are far from boring. You can wear it with your bralettes and crop tops for a trendy and up-to-the-minute look. A comfortable and stylish outfit will make you feel like the business woman you are. Wear a bold color blazer with a lace bralette and boyfriend jeans for a look that flatters you in the best way possible. 

Suiting up

The easiest way to style a blazer is to suit it up with matching pants. This formal look is perfect for all the important meetings you have scheduled for the week. Pair it with a shirt or a fitted top for a sleek and smart look. Whether you’re meeting offsite for a client consultation or attending an interview, blazers will have you looking straight out of a lifestyle magazine.   

Wear it with shorts

A boxy-fit blazer with shorts and your favorite top is all you need for a hip and tasteful outfit. It is the perfect ensemble for the days you have errands to run and things to tick off your list. A linen blazer is ideal for summer as it is breathable and easy on the skin. Pair your outfit with shoes that will keep you comfortable as you go through the day. 

Skirts and blazers

Skirts give you flair and femininity, while your blazer elevates your look by adding a structured touch. They are the ideal combination for the days you don’t have time to put together an outfit for work. 

Types of Blazers to Add to Your Wardrobe

There are wide varieties when it comes to blazers. While some are more suited for formal events, others can be styled for everyday casual wear. The blazer’s fabric and design contribute to its suitability for an event. Here are a few blazers you should invest in.

Linen Blazers

Blazers in thick fabrics might be uncomfortable on hot summer days. Linen blazers are not only breathable but also a sustainable choice for your wardrobe. Paired with linen pants or shorts, the blazer makes for an exquisite ensemble. 

Tweed Blazers

If formal and sophisticated is what you’re looking for, tweed blazers are fit for you. Paired with formal pants and a comfortable shirt, you are ready for all the presentations you have been preparing for. They are an excellent addition to your work wardrobe. 

Velvet Blazers

Adding a touch of luxury and charm, velvet blazers create fun outfits that make you feel bold and confident. They are great for dinner parties and galas on nights you’re not looking to wear a dress. 

Cropped Blazers

Cropped blazers are the go-to when you’re heading out to grab drinks with the girls. They are an impressive addition to any woman’s fashion closet. Pair it with your favorite ribbed crop top for a look that is contemporary and exciting.

Style Your Blazer for the Occasion

If you are running out of inspiration on how to style your blazer for an occasion, here are some suggestions to help you get your styling skills warmed up. 

Occasion Blazer Outfit 
Daytime birthday partyA pastel-colored blazer with your favorite floral dress and comfortable sandals
Dinner party A black slip dress and a boxy fit blazer with pumps
Coffee runTailored pants and boots in coordinated colors
Brunch with friendsA shirt dress paired with a belted blazer

There are many ways you can style your blazer for the day. Paired with the right accessories, blazers create a stunning outfit that effortlessly enhances your personal style.

Blazers All the Way

Getting your hands on the perfect blazer will have you sorted for all the events you have lined up. They can be styled to suit all occasions with a little bit of coordination. Put together monochrome pieces for a subtle ensemble or something bold for a day that calls for some panache.

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