Benefits Of Choosing New School Playground Equipment

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Ensuring students’ safety on the school playground is crucial to their well-being and success in school. To promote safety on the school playground ensure to have an adequate number of trained supervisors present on the playground to ensure that students are safe. Clearly post and enforce safety rules for the playground, including no pushing, running, or jumping off equipment.

Besides, the playground equipment’s condition and appropriateness also matter. The playground equipment has to be age-appropriate. Make sure the students are not using equipment that is too advanced for their abilities. All the playground equipment must be in good condition, with no sharp edges or broken parts that could cause injury to students.

New versus used school playground equipment

Delivering school playground equipment requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure a successful outcome. For example, if you are considering whether it is worth choosing used playground equipment over new ones then remember – the difference is in their condition and cost. 

New school playground equipment is brand new and has not been previously used. It is typically more expensive than used equipment and often comes with a warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer. The new equipment also offers the latest designs and improved safety features, which may not be available in older or used equipment.

On the other hand, used school playground equipment has been previously owned and may show signs of wear and tear. It is typically less expensive than new equipment and may be a good option for schools on a tight budget. However, used equipment may not offer the same level of safety or quality as new equipment, and it may be more difficult to find replacement parts or repairs if needed.

Ultimately, the decision between new and used school playground equipment depends on the specific needs and budget of the school. Schools should carefully consider the quality and safety of the equipment before making a purchase to ensure that students can play and learn safely.

Choosing new school playground equipment has its range of benefits. It includes:

  • First priority is student’s safety. It is essential to decrease play-ground related injuries to your students and lessen the liability. In Australia, the safety standards for school playground equipment are set out by the Australian Standards AS 4685:2014. This standard sets out the minimum requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of playground equipment in order to ensure that it is safe for children to use.
  • Second priority is an inclusive playground design. It is a type of playground that is specifically created to be accessible and enjoyable for children of all abilities and disabilities. Inclusive playgrounds are designed to be barrier-free and promote inclusivity, providing children with different physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities with the opportunity to play together.
  • Modern play equipment is designed to provide children with a range of sensory experiences that can help to stimulate their development and creativity. Many playgrounds now feature equipment that encourages children to engage in active play, stimulate their senses, emotional development, cognitive enhancement, and strengthen their social skills,

New playground equipment manufacturers in Australia take a lot of effort in designing high-quality products to ensure that the future generation has a solid foundation including physical, mental and social.  

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