Hobby Airport Parking: Top Options for Hassle-Free Travel to Houston 

Hobby Airport Parking
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While most people who travel to the airport are visiting the airport to fly out of it, there are many different reasons for doing so. Maybe you are planning to visit family in another state or country, maybe you are traveling for business or work purposes, or maybe you are finally taking your family on that much deserved vacation that you have all been looking forward to for months now. Regardless of the reason you are traveling, there are a couple things (among many) that we all have to think about when traveling to the airport and that is how we plan on getting to the airport and where we will leave our vehicles while we are out and away on our trip. 

Today, we are focusing on these considerations specifically regarding the William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas. The William P. Hobby Airport offers three different parking lots. These parking lots include the airport’s Red Parking Garage, the Blue Parking Garage, and the Ecopark parking lot. To park at both the Red Parking Garage and the Blue Parking Garage, The William P. Hobby Airport will charge you $24.00 per day. The Red Parking Garage also offers valet parking. To park at the airport’s Ecopark parking lot, the William P. Hobby Airport will charge you $9.24 per day. 

The William P. Hobby Airport also offers ground transportation options. Ground transportation services that service this airport include taxi companies, limo services, shuttles, and buses. All of these options will not only be able to take you to the William P. Hobby Airport but also be there to pick you upon your arrival back at the airport. 

While the airport does offer some good options when it comes to parking as well as ground transportation, there are better options out there that we would like to share with you that will be just as efficient as the William P. Hobby Airport’s options, but also will save you money, and who doesn’t enjoy saving a little bit of cash? 

Rideshare Apps 

One of the benefits to using ground transportation to take you to and from the airport is the fact that you do not have to worry about finding parking as well as the safety of your vehicle while you are away on your trip. While the airport’s ground transportation provides a great solution to those issues, rideshare apps are something that have their own unique benefits that should not be overlooked when looking to utilize ground transportation to get to the airport. 

First, what are rideshare apps? Rideshare apps are apps that specialize in providing you ground transportation through apps and websites. These apps and websites include companies such as Uber or Lyft. 

The benefit that these apps have that traditional ground transportation does not have is convenience. Utilizing apps such as Lyft or Uber allow you to schedule a car to come pick you up all with a few clicks of the app. It is very fast and simple and you could have someone there to pick you up in a matter of minutes. Uber and Lyft allow for anyone with a vehicle to become a driver, allowing for a large network of drivers. You can even pay through these apps as well, allowing you to not have to worry about carrying cash or even your wallet with you for that matter. 

When compared to the ground transportation that the William P. Hobby Airport is offering you, there is just no competition. Rideshare apps are the answer to your ground transportation needs and the William P. Hobby Airport does allow this type of ground transportation to take place on its grounds. 

On Air Parking 

As mentioned earlier, parking is a big factor in regards to traveling to the airport, and if you do not plan on utilizing rideshare apps to get you there, you are going to have to find a place to park. The problem is that parking at the airport is just down right expensive. The solution: off airport parking. 

Off-airport parking lots are typically parking lot locations that are close to the airport that provide parking at a cheaper rate than the airport ever will. Some off-airport parking sites even offer free 24/7 shuttles that can take you to and from the airport as necessary, allowing you to reap the benefits of parking at an off airport parking lot, without sacrificing your time. 

A great off-airport parking site that happens to provide 5-star parking services for those looking to fly out of the William P. Hobby Airport is On Air Parking. On Air Parking is a website that searches for the cheapest parking around whichever airport you are looking to fly out of and finds the best parking rate for you at a local off-airport parking lot.

For the William P. Hobby Airport Parking, On Air Parking offers booking at parking lots with a daily parking rate starting at only $3.55 per day. That is more than half the price that the airport is offering you at their cheapest parking lot. On Air Parking also provides a 24/7 shuttle service at participating lots that can take you to and from the airport as needed. On Air Parking is open Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm ET, and you can give them a call at (888) 48-PARKING (888-487-2754), or a text at 424-532-8940. However, if you prefer email, they can be reached at [email protected]. For the cheapest off-airport parking option, nothing can beat the prices of On Air Parking. 

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