What Are The Different Types of Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Adults?

Outdoor Fitness
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The Outdoor fitness equipment is made strong, safe, and durable to withstand harsh Australian climatic conditions. It is also well protected against any theft and vandalism. The structural design of the equipment is flexible enough to be used by any age group and ability. It provides perfect and suitable weight resistance to people of every capability and strength.

You can find different combinations and intensities of outdoor fitness equipment based on your available installation space and your budget. Plan your exercise regime and you are sure to find suitable Aussie made exercise equipment for your community-friendly outdoor gym. If you keep losing your gym classes due to unpredictable weather conditions in your area, you can choose to install outdoor fitness equipment.

Here are some of the basic types of outdoor gym equipment to choose from.

1. Leg press

It is an excellent choice to build hips, thighs, and leg muscles and improve mobility. Holding the side handles, you can sit down and place your feet on the footpads. 

Push the footpads back and forth to lift your bodyweight by your leg thereby creating a swing motion. You can change the orientation and position of your leg on the footpads for different exercises and weight variations.

2. Chest press

You need to sit back and grip the handles of the Australian chest press to lift your bodyweight up and down to create the required resistance. It is available in single, double, and triple-seated variations. Chest press offers a wide range of fitness levels and movements to help you strengthen and build the muscles in your chest, arms, shoulders, and back.

3. Inclined Sit-up bench

Lie on your back and hook apart both of your feet under the bar. Now, pull your body up towards the leg. Alternatively, you can hold the bar and raise your torso up and down. In Australia, it is widely used for its multiple uses like sit-ups, planks, dips, declined push-ups, leg raise, and crunches to help you tone and build your abdominal and thigh muscles.

4. Pull-up bar or chin-up ladder

Here, you have to lift your entire body weight above a straight bar by hanging over it with your hands’ grip. It is effective in strengthening your arms and shoulders. You can use the lower bars of the chin-up ladder to perform push-ups and other stretches.

5. Jump box

It is low-height bar designed to jump over it while you move back and forth. It helps to build the hamstrings, glutes, and other muscles of your legs. You can perform aerobics and practice balancing. It can also help you to do activities like step-ups, box squats, and push-ups.

6. Cross-trainer

The Australian-made cross trainer resembles a running motion or bicycling with moving arms. You stand on the footpads holding the handles. You push and pull the handles to move your legs back and forth. This pumps your upper and lower body parts at the same time.

7. Dip bars

It consists of a U-shaped bar to surround your body and hold to raise your body weight up to the waist and lower it to your armpits. It stimulates and tones your chest, arms, shoulders, and back muscles simultaneously.

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