Take Your Workout to the Next Level: The Benefits of a Nordic Hamstring Curl Machine

Nordic hamstring curl machine
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Athletes and coaches are loving the Nordic hamstring curl right now.

This is mostly because it’s an easy workout that you can perform without any extra equipment at home or at the gym, and it could be especially effective for preventing hamstring strains.

This post will explain the Nordic hamstring curl machine, its advantages, the correct technique for doing it, the best alternatives to the Nordic hamstring curl, and more.

What is The Nordic hamstring curl machine?

The Nordic hamstring curl machine is the most practical and creative technique to strengthen your back extensions and posterior chain with Nordic curls.

You can acquire both a back extension machine and a full-size Nordic Bench for a fraction of the price of purchasing them individually when you purchase both pieces of equipment together!

You may be sure that you’ll keep getting better for years to come with its nine regression levels and commercial-grade build!

Types of Nordic Hamstring Curl Machine

Some of the most widely utilized equipment for the Nordic hamstring curl are as follows: 

  • Nordic Hamstring Curl Machine: A Nordic hamstring curl machine, also known as a glute ham raise machine or GHD, is a metal frame with knee and foot padding. The knee pad supports your knees, which makes the Nordic curl simpler to do, and the foot cushion keeps your feet in position, giving the workout an air of security.
  • Nordic Hamstring Curl Bench: Nordic hamstring curls may be easily performed without a partner thanks to this flat bench’s pads, which support your knees and secure your feet. Because Nordic hamstring curl benches are compact, they’re a great option for home trainers with space constraints.
  • Nordic Hamstring Curl Strap: A Nordic hamstring curl strap is a long, sturdy piece of material, generally nylon, that has a rubber “anchor” at one end and a foot pad at the other. After sliding the strap under a door and fastening it with the rubber anchor, you can use it by looping your feet under the foot pad.

How To Perform Nordic Hamstring Curls

Maintaining a straight hip, knee, and shoulder line is important while lowering oneself gently to the floor or an item in front of you to execute a Nordic hamstring curl. Using your hands to catch yourself, push yourself up to the starting position again.

You may use your glutes to help maintain your hips and trunk in the correct positions during training while you press your heels into whatever is holding your legs in place. Essentially, all you’re doing is imagining yourself falling forward and bringing your heels up to your butt.

You can perform one of two things to ease the workout or regress it:

  • Lean your hips back. It’s acceptable since you still receive the advantages of the Nordic hamstring curl and you may advance the workout by gradually straightening up your body. 
  • Arrange or stack items in front of you to restrict your range of motion.

Benefits of using Nordic Hamstring Curl Machine : 

Follow are the few benefits of using are:- 

  • Decreased Risk of Injury: Athletes may have a decreased risk of hamstring strain injuries by improving the quality of their hamstring and thigh/glute area muscles and fascia lengthening. In randomized trials contrasting the use of Nordic curls in strength training regimens with ordinary athletic training.
  • Increased Range of Motion: Unlike using a GHD or a machine hamstring curl, the Nordic curl, sometimes referred to as the “poor man’s glute-ham raise,” enables an individual to do the exercise in the most beneficial posture.
  • Increased Hamstring Hypertrophy: The benefits of hamstring muscle growth extend far beyond sports performance. You may anticipate gains in appearance, athletic performance, posture, and functional abilities throughout your daily activities by stretching the hamstring fascia overall. 
  • Faster Running Speed: You may anticipate to observe increases in your running and sprinting performance by using Nordic curls into your workout. Nordic curls are essential if you want to increase torque and peak power production when running. 

Nordic Hamstring Curls Alternatives & Additions

Exercises that test the hamstrings’ ability to extend the hip from a stretched posture should be included in a well-rounded program since they work to both flex the knee and extend the hip. These three choices are as follows:

  • Romanian or Stiff Legged Deadlifts
  • Roman Chair Hip Extension. These can be performed:
  • Double Leg
  • Single Leg 
  • Weighted (Double Leg or Single Leg) 
  • Hip extension exercises can be performed weighted, double-leg, or single-leg on the Glute Ham Raise (GHR) machine.

In conclusion

Embracing the Nordic hamstring curl and its dedicated equipment, such as the Nordic Back Extension Machine, offers athletes numerous benefits. These include reduced injury risks, improved range of motion, increased hamstring hypertrophy and enhanced running speed. With various Nordic hamstring curl machine types available, individuals can tailor their workouts for optimal results and long-term progress.

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