Unlocking The Secrets Of Ammolite Jewellery: Know How It Spreads Good Vibes

Ammolite Jewellery
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The magnificent iridescent of the Seven Coloured Prosperity Stone of feng shui, ammolite, has been eyed by collectors and spiritual healing enthusiasts alike. Popular as a beautiful piece of jewelry and also famous as a gemstone with healing properties, ammolite has been around for centuries. However, it is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. It was even considered a gift from god by the Blackfoot people of Alberta, who believed the stone held supernatural properties.

What is Ammolite?

Ammolite jewelry is a rare gemstone found only in the Bearpaw Formation of Alberta, Canada but you can find Ammolite jewelry online easily.. It comes from the fossilized shells of ammonites, an extinct sea creature that roamed the oceans 145 million years ago during the Crustacean Period. Some other names of ammolite include Korite and Calcenite.

Ammolite is said to hold all seven colors of the rainbow, displaying iridescent reds, oranges, greens, purples, and blues and dazzling with patterns similar to a ‘dragon-skin’ or ‘stained glass.’ No two ammonites are alike due to the unique colors of each stone.

The iridescent beauty of this gemstone makes it popular as jewelry pieces like necklaces, pendants, earrings, and more. The mystical properties of the stone are believed to spread positive energy, making ammolite jewelry popular among crystal healers and feng shui practitioners.

Colours of Ammolite & Their Significance

In feng shui, ammolite is believed to hold the earth’s energy due to being underground for millions of years. The Fibonacci sequence observed on pure ammonite fossils makes it seem like the stone’s energy radiates out in the pattern to those near it. Feng shui also considers the colors of the ammolite stone while determining how ammolite jewelry can affect the wearer. The vibrant colors balance the wearer’s mind, body, and soul while stimulating wisdom, energy, creativity, and intellect.

These are the most common meanings attributed to the various colors of ammolite jewelry

  • Red: It stimulates growth, vitality, and energy in the wearer.
  • Green: It promotes deep wisdom and intelligence while bringing about business success.
  • Orange: It drives imagination and creativity in the wearer and increases their libido.
  • Yellow: Improves the wearer’s health, balances their energy, and heals wounds.
  • Blue: All shades of blue bring calm, peaceful energy to the wearer while promoting knowledge, health, and well-being.
  • Purple: It gives the wearer more power and authority over matters while promoting good decision-making.

Commercially, single or duo-colored ammolite is the most commonly found. You will most likely find red and green ammolite stones out of these. Ammolite with three or more colors is one of really high quality. Crimson, gold, yellow, and purple ammolite are the most sought-after because they are the rarest.

Using Ammolite Jewelry to Increase Good Energy

Since amolite is such a powerful gemstone with so many healing properties, it is understandable why ammonite jewelry spreads good vibes around the wearer. Feng shui believes wearing ammolite jewelry enhances the flow of Qi in the body, reducing toxicity and promoting good health and well-being.

●      Harnessing Cosmic Energy

Since ammolite has absorbed the energy of the earth and the universe after being buried for millions of years, it has several healing properties that positively impact the wearer. The stone radiates this energy to heal the body and enlighten the mind and soul while bringing wealth to the wearer. Wearing ammolite jewellery and meditating with it can help you find answers to your questions, bringing peace with the wisdom reflected back.

●      Promoting Physical Well-Being

Ammolite jewellery can be worn by people who struggle with sleep deprivation, digestion problems, stress, or fatigue. Since ammolite is a powerful healing stone, it enhances the body’s physical health by positively impacting the nervous system, constantly calming the nerves, and reducing stress and anxiety. It promotes deep relaxation, which, in turn, helps improve sleep.

●      Taking Care of Mental Health

Ammolite can be used to promote mental clarity, peace, and well-being. It is believed that ammolite can improve creativity and increase intellect in the wearer. When the mind is calm, and anxieties reduce, you can feel a sense of inner peace upon wearing ammolite jewellery. You can also integrate ammolite into your meditation practice by holding the gemstone and allowing its colours to guide your focus.

●      Spread Happiness, Bring Prosperity

Ammolite is a gemstone believed to bring out inner happiness, especially in the family. Wearing ammolite jewellery can also provide protection against negative influences, increase positive energy, and even lead to prophetic dreams when placed near your bedside. When used through feng shui, meditating with ammolite can promote a positive energy flow, prosperity, and abundance.


Ammolite jewellery has become a symbol of positive energy, especially through its captivating colours and powerful metaphysical properties. Whether you wear ammolite as a simple piece of jewellery that connects you to ancient earth or are enchanted by its mystical properties, it will surely inspire you. You can find a range of ammolite jewelry online that will support your transformation journey and spread positivity in your life uniquely!

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