Biz Stone and Fred Blackford Launch Future Positive Despite Interview with Financial Times

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interview biz stone positive blackfordlee financialtimes (Image Credit: Financial Times)

In an interview with Dave Lee of the Financial Times, social media pioneer Biz Stone and former investor Fred Blackford discussed their new venture, Future Positive. The investment firm is dedicated to investing in long-term projects that have no expiration date.

The Idea Behind Future Positive

Stone and Blackford have a shared vision for investments that will last for decades. According to Stone, the idea behind Future Positive came about when he was thinking about how technology is constantly changing, and how investments have become shorter-term in nature. He wanted to create something that would stand the test of time and be held for decades not just years or months. 

Thus, Future Positive was born. The firm aims to invest in projects that have lasting impacts on society such as renewable energy solutions and education initiatives. With its focus on sustainability, the company seeks to provide an alternative way to make money while helping people in need around the world. 

Fred Blackford: A Long History of Investing Success 

Fred Blackford has a long history of investing. Before taking on his role at Future Positive, he had worked at numerous venture capital firms such as Accel Partners and General Catalyst Partners.

He also has experience working with startups, having helped launch companies such as Affirmative Technologies and Zenefits. With this wealth of knowledge under his belt, it’s no surprise that Stone chose him as a partner in launching Future Positive. 

Blackford believes that investing should always be done with purpose and not just focused on short-term gains. His goal is to make sure that investments made through Future Positive are ones that can benefit society over the long term (such as renewable energy solutions). “We want investments that are focused on making an impact today but also creating returns over generations,” he said during an interview with Forbes magazine earlier this year. 

What Can We Expect from Future Positive? 

Despite being fairly new to the investment scene, we can expect big things from this company over the years ahead including more partnerships between investors like Biz Stone and Fred Blackford who share their commitment to sustainability and lasting returns from their investments.

As mentioned previously, their focus is mainly on renewable energy solutions, education initiatives, green technology, climate change mitigation measures, etc. The objective of the firm is simple: Investing responsibly for a better future.

Stone’s advice for Investors: Start Now! 

Though investing may seem intimidating from afar, Stone urges potential investors not to wait any longer before getting involved in sustainable projects such as those offered by Future Positive. “Do your research and start small,” he said during his interview with Dave Lee of the Financial Times.

“The power of compounding returns means you don’t need huge sums upfront; if you start now you could easily be building wealth many years down the line.” With these words of wisdom, it’s clear that Biz Stone understands what it takes to create successful investments over time ones that hold value even after they’re gone.


Future Positive is a venture capital firm with an ambitious mission to invest in sustainable projects that will have lasting impacts on society. With its founders’ impressive track records of success and commitment to sustainability, it’s clear this company has the potential to make a real difference in the world.

For investors looking for long-term returns from their investments, Future Positive offers a great opportunity. The key is to start now – don’t wait any longer before getting involved! By doing your research and starting small, you can build wealth over time through compounding returns.

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