Top 7 Indian Grocery Delivery Services in New York with Free Shipping

Indian Grocery Delivery Services
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Bookmark these top online Indian food companies that offer convenient access to fresh and authentic Indian grocery items.

The Indian community in New York is one of the largest and most vibrant diasporas in the United States. With a strong presence of Indian immigrants and their descendants, the demand for authentic Indian groceries has grown steadily. Staples like rice, lentils, spices, and specialty ingredients are now staples in many New York households, reflecting the deep-rooted cultural ties between the city and India.

As this trend continues to grow, Indians in New York can look forward to these top online ethnic stores that offer authentic traditional Indian grocery NYC – from pantry essentials to specialty items, everything delivered nationwide at zero shipping charges. 


Missing the taste of home while away from home? Quicklly, the nation’s leading marketplace for Indian food and groceries, delivers you the freshest and most authentic Indian grocery products so you can cook fresh, warm, and nutritious Indian meals every day. Experience the delights of Indian home-style food every day with Quicklly’s range of traditional, hard-to-find, specialty, pantry essentials, and other Indian items – all sourced from trusted Indian suppliers.

Whether you’re looking for authentic pantry staples, traditional spices, ready-to-eat meals, specialty food items, or Halal-certified meals, the spot has it all delivered right to your doors at zero shipping cost. 

Quicklly has partnered with 100+ ethnic stores in the USA to deliver authentic and clean Indian groceries from the best suppliers to people across the country. No matter where you are located in the city, fresh and wholesome Indian staples are just a click away with Quicklly. 

  • Available products: Spices, lentils, snacks, drinks, ready-to-eat Indian meals, Indian meal kits, frozen foods, and basic household supplies are all readily available.
  • Price range: Reasonable
  • Delivery Fees: Free delivery
  • Nationwide Delivery: Available

Minar Halal Meat and Grocery

Minar Halal Meat and Grocery is a prominent and reputable establishment in New York. This grocery store prides itself on providing customers with a diverse selection of high-quality Halal-certified meats and an extensive range of authentic Indian and Middle Eastern grocery products.

  • Meat Selection: At Minar Halal Meat and Grocery, customers can find a wide variety of Halal-certified meats –  from tender cuts of lamb, beef, and chicken to specialty items like goat and exotic meats, they cater to the diverse culinary preferences of the Indian community. 
  • Grocery Section: The grocery section at Minar explores the rich flavors of Indian cuisine. You find an extensive array of aromatic spices, herbs, and spice blends that are essential for authentic cooking. From staple items like rice, lentils, and pulses to hard-to-find ingredients and unique snacks, they have everything required to create delicious and traditional dishes.

Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery

Bangladesh Halal Meat Grocery is a well-known establishment in New York City, catering to the needs of the Indian community and other Halal-conscious consumers. Located in a bustling neighbourhood, this store is a go-to destination for those seeking high-quality Halal meats and a wide selection of Bangladeshi and South Asian grocery products.

  • Halal Meat Selection: At Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery, customers can find an extensive range of Halal-certified meats. The store offers premium cuts of fresh beef, lamb, chicken, and sometimes specialty meats like goat, all sourced from trusted suppliers. The meat adheres to strict Halal standards, ensuring that they are prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines.
  • Bangladeshi Grocery Items: The grocery section at Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery is a treasure trove for anyone craving the authentic flavors of Bangladesh and South Asia. The shelves are stocked with diverse Bangladeshi spices, herbs, and condiments that form the foundation of traditional Indian cooking. 

Desi Basket

Customers in New York and the neighbouring areas can order groceries from Desi Basket, a well-known online grocery delivery service from India. They provide a wide range of Indian foods, including spices, lentils, snacks, drinks, and necessities for the home. 

Desi Basket is an excellent option for Indian grocery needs since it takes pleasure in offering reasonable rates, frequent offers, and a smooth shopping experience.

  • Available products: Spices, lentils, snacks, drinks, and basic household supplies are all readily available.
  • Price range: More expensive than other internet retailers.
  • Delivery Fees: Free above a minimum order value. 
  • Nationwide Delivery: Available

Food Bazar

Customers in New York can order Indian products from Food Bazar, a trustworthy internet store for authentic and diverse Indian grocery products. They offer a wide variety of goods, such as dairy products, flours, spices, fresh fruit, meals that are ready to eat, pantry essentials, and other traditional and specialty food items. 

To guarantee that clients receive the greatest ingredients for their Indian cooking, the business places emphasis on the quality and freshness of its products.

  • Products available: Fresh food, dairy products, spices, flours, prepared meals, and more are all available.
  • Price range: The pricing range is moderate. 
  • Delivery fees: Free over $50 minimum order. 
  • Nationwide delivery: N/A

Namaste groceries

A large selection of Indian food products is available to customers in New York through the online Indian grocery delivery service Namaste Groceries. Namaste Groceries seeks to satisfy all of your Indian shopping needs, offering anything from spices and sauces to snacks and beverages. 

A convenient and trouble-free buying experience is provided by their user-friendly website and attentive customer support. Whether you’re seeking authentic pantry essentials, fresh produce, dairy, and other products, or traditional and specialty Indian food items, the store has it all, delivered right to your doors. 

The brand embraces the diversity of Indian cuisine to offer 100% authentic and genuine products – ensured by its expansive range of authentic Indian items. 

  • Items available: Fresh food, dairy products, spices, flours, prepared meals, and more are all available.
  • Price range: More expensive than other retailers. Daily Deal. 
  • Deliveries Fees: Their minimum order requirement is $50 for free delivery.


Customers in Indian grocery delivery NYC receive genuine Indian goods from Spiceland, a reputable online Indian grocery store. They stock a wide variety of spices, lentils, flours, snacks, and other items. 

Spiceland offers the convenience of shopping for Indian foods from home thanks to their user-friendly website and quick delivery service. No matter where you’re located in NYC, authentic and farm-fresh Indian groceries are just a click away!

  • Items available: Products on hand include spices, oils, fresh produce, dehydrated goods, and more.
  • Price range: The pricing range is moderate.
  • Delivery fees: Free over minimum order value. Determined by location. 
  • Nationwide delivery: N/A

Thanks to these online Indian grocery delivery services in New York, you can easily access all your favourite Indian products without leaving your home. From spices and condiments to fresh produce and ready-to-eat meals, these  Indian grocery NYC delivery services provide free shipping, making it even more convenient to enjoy the flavors of India at your doorstep.

So, go ahead and explore these services to satisfy your Indian culinary cravings!

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