Top 5 Ways a Portable Monitor Can Increase Productivity

Portable Monitor
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Laptops allow you to get a lot done while you stay mobile, but they come with trade-offs, and a big one tends to be screen real estate. Luckily, there are portable monitors you can use for a second screen and several good reasons to invest in one.

How a Portable Monitor Helps Productivity

There are a lot of reasons why a second monitor is a good idea for productivity in the office, and they all apply to your ability to work while mobile when you have a portable monitor. Now you can keep all those productivity gains even when you have to work in hotels or at job sites.

  1. Cross-referencing documents is easier with more screen space
  2. It simplifies using multiple programs at once, especially when sharing data between them
  3. You can use one or two programs actively while still keeping a process monitoring window open for automated tasks
  4. Collaboration and web conferencing is easier when you can share one screen and keep one private
  5. Training and onboarding are easier when you can watch demonstrations and follow along in your own workspace

Remote conferencing is not the only type of collaboration that benefits from multiple screens. When you have a convenient portable screen to set up, you can easily make presentations that are smooth, professional, and easy to follow because all the behind-the-scenes work happens on your device’s main screen. That lets you set up presentations for small groups without a projector or other in-room infrastructure.

Lightweight & Portable

The lightest portable monitor on the market today weighs less than a tablet of similar size, which means it does not add much to the weight in your laptop bag. Since many laptops opt for small screens and light builds over desktop space, it makes sense to build an extra monitor that works toward those same goals.

Connect To Any Device

Choosing a device often means choosing an entire ecosystem of accessories and upgrades that are locked to that brand or sometimes even that model. Fortunately, there are some things that are still universal, and monitors are in that category. You might find some screens with proprietary connectors designed to work with specific systems, but even then, there is usually an option for a universal HDMI input that works with any device that has a miniature or full-sized HDMI of its own, as well as most devices with a USB-C port even if there is no HDMI port.

When you do not have to worry about whether an add-on will be compatible with your device, it’s a lot easier to invest in it because you can still use it even if you decide to change ecosystems when you upgrade. In today’s technology marketplace, that’s a powerful perk.

Explore More Lightweight Productivity Accessories

There’s a delicate balance between what you can gain in productivity and what you lose in mobility as you add accessories, but a few staples are well worth having even if they aren’t going in your bag every day. In addition to a portable monitor, consider how a lightweight scanner like a ScanSnap IX1400 could help you with digitizing work products and organizing research. Today’s scanners, like today’s portable monitors, are smaller and lighter than ever. Check out your options to learn more.

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