How to make a pumpkin pie minecraft?

How to make a pumpkin pie minecraft?
How to make a pumpkin pie minecraft? Image Credit: Mojang

How to make a pumpkin pie Minecraft? Let’s find out! There’s a wide variety of food items that can be eaten in Minecraft which can help satisfy your cravings whenever you have to eat. 

If you are a foodie who is not satisfied with the taste of beef or pork or other foods that are simple to prepare and cook, you may want to make a more high-quality version of food items to eat and have higher yields of saturation.

Pumpkin pie could be one of the foods people are searching for.

How to make a pumpkin pie Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To create Pumpkin Pie to make Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft you need to open the crafting table that contains the grid of 3×3. 

Set one pumpkin in the first block with a sugar brick in the middle box, and an egg inside the final box. Once you have a Pumpkin Pie has been made you can simply click on to drag the item into your inventory.

Making the pumpkin pie is a simple procedure. The only thing that can be difficult could be the components that you need to buy. Below is a list the things you’ll need to have in the following order:

  • 1 pumpkin
  • One unit of sugar
  • 1 egg

Eggs can be gathered quickly if you have access to chickens. A chicken farm can allow you to acquire multiple eggs as an effortless task.

The process of obtaining sugar is slightly more challenging unless you’ve constructed your own farm. If you’re looking for sugarcane in order to make sugar by itself, bear in your mind that it is a habit of growing close to sources of water.

In terms of obtaining an actual pumpkin, the process isn’t easy when you’re not for the right biomes. 

They can be found almost everywhere provided there are grass blocks, however, your best odds are searching in taiga or areas of taiga that are snowy where the pumpkin is grown in lieu of hay bales as a result of the climate.

Once you have all the ingredients, the only thing left to do is to put them together to make the food item you want to create.

Alternative to Acquire 

If you don’t wish to look around for ingredients to create yourself a pumpkin-based pie then you have the option to purchase it from a vendor. The vendor here is the farmer villager, which can naturally be found in the villages.

There is no way that a farmer villager would be in a position to sell it, but. It must have an apprenticeship level in order to effectively sell this item, and even then there’s just a 50 percent likelihood of them carrying an item. 

If they carry pumpkin pies, you could get four for one emerald so it’s a good bargain for such a high-quality food product.


Be aware that having a lot of these pumpkin pies could be extremely useful in the event that you’re on the lookout for food items. 

This is a food item that fills eight bars of hunger and can satisfy your cravings for a long time if it is rationed properly. The ingredients could be difficult to obtain at the time of starting the game, however, they can be easily grown and put on farms if you’re smart and use them correctly. Make sure to keep the thought of having an entire farm that is dedicated to the cultivation of the ingredients for your pumpkin pie in your mind while playing survival mode, as it can be a huge benefit to you later on in the event that you wish to. Hope you find it the best for “how to make a pumpkin pie Minecraft.”

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