The Season’s Safest and Most Stylish Kids’ Bikinis

Kids' Bikinis
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With warm weather just around the corner, now is the time to find the perfect kids bikini for that cute little girl in your life. Fashionable trends in adult swimwear are showing up on littles across the country, with bright colors for both style and safety playing a major role. Here are some of the hottest looks to watch for on the nearest beach this season.

Safe Styles of Kids Bikini

When shopping for a kids bikini, fashion is an important consideration but safety should be paramount. Many people don’t realize the importance of color to ensure underwater visibility, adding a layer of protection for your child. A study to test various colors in pool and lake water showed that most swimsuit colors blend in with the water when submerged 18 inches or more, creating a safety issue for a child wearing the suit. Bright colors with contrasting elements show up the most in water, which can contribute to drowning prevention. Any parent would agree that every little ounce of prevention is well worth the effort when it comes to the safety of their child.

Vintage Vibes

In keeping with the importance of contrast in swimsuit patterns, vintage-inspired prints are on trend this season in kid’s bikini styles. Harkening back to the glamorous looks of the 1940s, pretty azalea and hibiscus prints bring pops of color and nostalgic florals to the forefront. Strawberry prints are also popular this year, mixing in a bit of little girl sweetness with complementary pastels and bright reds. Animal prints are all the rage, with everything from leopard to zebra in neutrals and brights gracing kids bikinis poolside this season.


The Tik Tok trend of cottagecore is taking the fashion world by storm, with spring garden-inspired puffed sleeves, ginghams, florals, and ruffles galore showing up in everything from dresses to hats and handbags. Now this movement is hitting the beach as well, and kids bikinis are no exception. Swim tops with sweet floral prints, flutter straps, and bow details bring the cottage-core aesthetic to swimwear for the little ones.

Ruffles and Ruching

This season, ruffles are everywhere on swimsuits for adults and children. Ruched tops add a stylish component to kids bikinis. Ruffles on scoop-necked halter tops and along the waistline of swimsuit bottoms create an element of whimsy and fun to both patterns and solids. Flutter details on straps and along the neckline on longline bikini tops create a pretty silhouette and a look that is decidedly girly.

Rainbow Rage

The importance of bold, bright hues on kids’ bikini styles is highlighted in a colorful way with the rainbow trend. From printed rainbows to the use of all seven colors, bright and happy rainbows are showing up at pools and beaches the world over. Iridescent fabrics take the shimmer of the rainbow to a different level this year, adding a stylistic element as well as contributing to water safety.

Buy the Best Kids Bikini

When you are shopping for the most fashionable swimsuit for your little one this season, consider both style and safety. Check out the adorable options at PQ Swim for a kids bikini that looks great and provides high visibility in the water.

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