The Facts and Benefits of Professional Putting Green Installation

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Golf enthusiasts dream of being able to practice putting in their backyards. Then golfers imagine the pleasure of putting on a customized green where they can perfect their skills for their favorite golf courses. Discover more about the facts and benefits of having a professional install a quality putting green in your backyard.

Make a Dream Come True

Scheduling professionals putting green installation is the first step toward making a dream come true. Golfers can create an entirely unique environment that perfectly complements their goals and environments. As a result, the new putting area becomes a backyard focal point that enhances a home’s usability and value.

Add Sophistication to Any Yard

While golfers surely want a putting green in their backyards, will it be possible to get the rest of the household equally enthused? Fortunately, a customized putting green is an attractive feature that added elegance and sophistication to any outdoor living space. Plus, everyone is sure to want to try putting green and quickly discover how fun it is to have in the yard.

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Short Game Focus

Often golfers visit the driving range to perfect their game and practice skills like stroke and grip. However, it becomes costly to travel to the driving range and pay fees to practice. Installing a putting green is a one-and-done investment that empowers golfers to practice their short game anytime they have a few minutes for recreation.

Advantages of a Synthetic Putting Green

With various putting greens to consider, discover the benefits of a synthetic putting green made from artificial turn to retain shots and rolls upon installation. The durable materials provide an ideal place to pitch or chip with low maintenance. Golfers can depend on synthetic putting greens to be there when they are ready to practice their games.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes golfers feel self-conscious practicing in a public venue, which can inhibit their ability to get to the next level. Practicing in the yard provides superior privacy for golfers to focus on their skills and try new strategies. As a result, golfers can significantly improve their game by installing a backyard putting green.

Gathering for Golf

One of the most significant benefits of installing a backyard putting green is inviting others to try it out. When guests arrive, they are sure to be impressed by the beauty and functionality of a customized putting green. Once the pros install the putting green, it is ready for a night of fun at home.

How Much Does a Putting Green Cost?

Factors like site accessibility, design, material, and square footage all impact a putting green’s total cost. Quality materials endure the outdoor elements and continued use so the green is always ready for action. Fortunately, there are options that fit almost any size yard and budget to help golfers perfect their games at home.

Talk About Turf

Putting turf is unlike regular artificial grass because the surface is designed to help the ball roll like it would on a traditional golf course. With that in mind, there are three materials used to make this turf, including polyethylene, nylon, and polypropylene. Each has its advantages and working with a putting green expert helps homeowners choose the ideal turf for their unique needs.

How Long Does a Putting Green Last?

A quality putting green lasts for up to 15 years, providing continued enjoyment and helping golfers perfect their games. Starting with quality materials and professional installation makes a significant difference in how long a putting green stands the test of time. Sometimes odd patches require replacement over the years, but the green should last for at least a decade with proper maintenance. 

Low Maintenance for More Playtime

A real grass putting green requires much maintenance, which is why most golfers decide to install turf instead. Turf-putting greens are a low-maintenance way to get the beauty of green in the backyard without spending hours to keep it that way. Plus, quality materials maintain their appearance for a long time, giving golfers more time to practice with less time spent on maintenance.

Why Are Professionals Necessary to Install Putting Greens?

While putting greens can be installed independently, there are many things that could go wrong and lead to additional costs. Things to consider when installing putting greens include the smoothness of the base, leveling the surface, cup placement and installation, and laying the turf. With all that to consider, it makes sense to let a professional do the job right the first time rather than spending time and money for less-than-satisfactory results.

Drainage Matters

Another factor to consider during putting green installation is proper drainage to maintain the surface’s integrity. A professional knows how to prepare the land and install the putting green to provide the ideal drainage. When backyard putting greens are installed correctly, the course is never water-logged to prevent practice regardless of the weather conditions. 

Increase Home Value

Many people install creative components in their backyard to improve functionality and increase home value. A professionally installed putting green can add value to your home, especially in areas where golf is a popular pastime. When potential buyers see the yard, they will imagine themselves putting it in the comfort of their backyard, which is a major selling point.

Get Daily Exercise

Installing a putting green in the backyard provides the perfect place to get daily exercise after a long day. Golfing is an excellent way to get essential cardiovascular activity to support optimal health. With a putting green just feet away, everyone has an opportunity to fit exercise into their hectic schedules. 

Help Others Learn

Golfing is more fun when shared with others who will also enjoy this popular sport. Installing a putting green at home is an excellent way to get people to learn more about golf and try it themselves. Plus, experienced golfers can help people learn from the comfort of their homes, spreading the word about this fun recreational activity.

Time to Unwind

Many golfers enjoy spending time on the course to unwind after a hectic day and let go of their stresses. Access to a backyard putting green means it takes less time to get to a place of total relaxation instead of driving miles to the golf course. Plus, golfers don’t have to pay fees or sit in traffic to get to the green and start swinging a club.

Relieve Stress

Regular physical activity is an effective way to reduce stress and reduce the risk of related health issues such as high blood pressure and stroke. Spending a few minutes practicing golf each day helps people look forward to this special moment and alleviate stress. When golfers imagine themselves putting on a backyard green, the stress melts away.

Shed Unwanted Pounds

Another reason people get backyard putting greens installed is to help them shed unwanted pounds. Scheduling daily exercise coupled with a balanced diet helps golfers achieve their fitness goals so they are better on the golf course. Plus, everyone in the household will want to try the green and fit exercise into their day for health benefits.

Customization Makes the Difference

Fortunately, professionals help homeowners customize putting greens that fit their needs, yards, and budgets. Consulting with an expert helps golfers determine which turf they want, how the putting green should be designed, and the proper placement for comfortability. Then the professionals install the putting green for years of enjoyment because it was made specifically for your yard.

Save Money

Often golfers discover they save money by having a putting green installed in the yard because they don’t have to pay for driving range and golf course fees. Also, some golfers schedule lessons to perfect skills like putting. Now golfers can get the practice they need without traveling or paying fees to do it.

Save Time

Traveling to golf lessons, driving ranges, and golf courses takes time out of your busy day. A backyard putting green is right there when golfers are ready to play, without spending hours to reach the course and pay fees. In minutes, golfers can get their gear and start putting without dealing with the hassles of traffic.

Pride of Ownership

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in a backyard putting green is the pride in ownership. When golfers come home and see a putting green, they instantly feel good about their yards. Plus, that excitement is accelerated when they can play golf at home and invite their friends to join them.

Start With a Consultation

Installing a backyard putting green starts with a professional consultation to discuss the space, design, and costs. An expert walks through the process with golfers to help them customize the perfect putting greens. Then the installation is completed for a beautiful putting green that lasts for years.

Golfing enthusiasts are always trying to perfect their game and improve their putt. Make it easier by installing a backyard putting green where everyone can practice and hone their skills. Contact an expert today to learn more about the benefits of owning a backyard putting green.

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