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In a class action wage and hour lawsuit, Mediacom Communications Corporation’s customer service employees are suing for wages and hours. Workers were allegedly denied compensation for time spent on “pre-shift” duties, according to a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. In this article, our wage and hour class action lawyers in Massachusetts and Connecticut present an outline of the class action claim brought on behalf of workers at Mediacom Communications Corporation. Discuss your situation with certified employee rights lawyers.

Though the identified plaintiff did their day-to-day work at an Iowa branch office, the action was filed in New York State. The lawsuit claims that thousands of people working in contact centers across the country may be eligible to join the class action.

Mediacom Communications Corporation, your prospective employer, is a major cable TV provider in the USA. Massive call centers manned by firm employees are available for customers’ inquiries. Workers in call centers do a wide range of tasks, including responding to consumer inquiries and resolving billing difficulties.

“Boot Up” Time Work Is Accused Of Being Unpaid

The staff in the call center are hourly employees. They do not receive a salary but rather are compensated on an hourly basis. All hourly workers are required to have their working hours accurately recorded per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). According to the complaint, call center employees at Mediacom Communications Corporation were often asked to perform “off-the-clock” work. Particularly, “boot-up” time was not compensated for by the company.

Call center employees were required to “boot up” their organization and “log in” to several programs at the beginning of each shift. The lawsuit claims that it takes Mediacom Communications Corporation ten minutes to start up. However, if there were technological difficulties, the process could take far longer. According to the complaint, call center workers were not reimbursed for their “boot-up time.”

Defense: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Infraction (and Certain State Laws)

Workers’ boot-up time was not compensated for, which is claimed to be in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act in the class action wage and hour case. The lawsuit states that the company should have let employees clock in prior to the arrival of the boot-up employee. The worker is a representative for herself and other similarly situated workers at the contact center, and she is requesting that their claim be certified as a class action and that they be compensated for wage and hour damages.

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