Planning the Perfect Party Boat Trip

Boat Trip

It’s hard to find people who don’t enjoy spending time on boats. They offer a relaxing way to escape the world, and if you have a large enough boat, space to spend time with others. That’s why it’s no surprise that 142 million Americans spent time on boats in 2016.

This makes a boat the perfect place to throw your next party.

If you’re ready to plan your next party on a boat, there are some important considerations to make to get the most from your efforts. Read the guide below to learn how to plan a party boat trip.

Create a Budget

The first step to planning the perfect boat party is to determine what your budget will be. Depending on the type of boat you want, you can spend a lot of money on this experience. You don’t want to sign up for more expenses than you can handle.

Make sure to lay out the maximum amount of money you want to pay. It’s also smart to separate your max budgets into categories one for your boat rental, catering, party supplies, and other purchases.

Doing this will help you segment your party purchases into categories and manage expenses in each one. It will also help you from using too much of your budget in one category.

Plan Your Scope

Now that you have a budget for your boat party, you need to define your party’s scope. This means determining who you will invite to your boat party.

If you want to keep things small, stick with your friends and family. You can do well on a smaller boat for these gatherings and keep the size under 10 people.

But you’ll need a bigger scope if you want a party where people can meet new friends and acquaintances. This means renting a larger boat and doing more to accommodate people you don’t know.

Pick an Appropriate Boat

The right boat can make or break your boat party experience. There are countless boats out there — each with different sizes and features. You need one that meets all your needs for your party.

The first thing to consider is size. Yes, you’ll save money by renting a smaller party boat. But at the same time, you may go over the weight limit or end up with people tightly packed and unable to move.

On the other hand, a boat that’s too large won’t be as intimate. You’ll waste money on space you don’t need and will have a more challenging time keeping people together and having a good time.

Decide on a Theme

Yes, you can get by with a party boat trip with no theme. Just being together is enough for most people to have a great time but that doesn’t mean you can’t go the extra mile to make things even better.

A boat or yacht party theme will do just that. For some people, this means aligning the decor based on the time of year. If it’s Christmas, you’ll have a Christmas theme but if it’s Halloween, you’ll have something spookier.

You can also celebrate life events. You can create themes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and much more. Think of the occasion you’re celebrating on your party boat to get ideas.

Line up Catering

Food is the next thing to figure out when you’re party planning for a boat ride. People will probably be on the boat away from other ways to get food for a few hours. The chances are good that your guests will get hungry during that time.

The type of food you get catering for will depend on the type of party. Take a formal party, for instance. A more formal dinner will work better in this case.

But things are different for general parties. You may not want a formal meal if you don’t expect people to sit down and eat during the party. Snack areas where you can quickly grab what they want to eat will work better in this situation.

Pick a Boat Layout

You’re dealing with a much smaller space when you have a party on a boat. You won’t have the same room as you would in a house or event space, so you must plan the boat layout much more carefully.

Think of the amount of food you need to store, your activities, and where people will congregate. You want your layout to allow people to move seamlessly from one place to another.

Having the proper layout can turn a space that may seem cramped into a boat that feels roomy and has enough space for everyone to spread out and have a great time.

Prepare the Music

It’s hard to get a good vibe at a party without music. Sure, people will still talk and work for the party. But it’s hard for people to enjoy themselves if there’s nothing but chatter in the background.

The right music can make a big difference in the success of your party. You can pick the music in two ways: find party music yourself or hire a professional DJ.

Whichever option you choose, pick music that fits your party theme and is pleasant for everyone.

Plan the Perfect Party Boat Event

A party boat ride can be an amazing experience. You get private time with friends and family on the water and can enjoy yourself away from the noise for a while. But to truly enjoy yourself, you need to plan your party boat trip carefully.

Remember the advice above when preparing for your party boat ride. When you do, you’ll be able to find the perfect boat for your needs and make sure everyone has an amazing time.

Are you interested in throwing more events? Check out the blog to learn how to make plans to make those events a success.

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