Idaho Man Arrested for Cutting Off 37 Man Buns in One Day, Claims Religious Motivation

man cuts off 37-man buns
man cuts off 37-man buns

An Idaho man was taken into custody after he was reportedly caught cutting off 37 man buns in one day. The man claimed that he was “doing the Lord’s work.” This bizarre incident has created quite a buzz online, with netizens expressing their outrage and shock at the man’s violent act. Here’s a look at what happened, and what we know so far.

FAQs man cuts off 37-man buns

Q. Who is the man behind this incident?

A. The man has been identified as 34-year-old Ethan Dutton from Boise, Idaho.

Q. What was his motive behind cutting off the man buns?

A. According to reports, Dutton claims that he was motivated by religious reasons, and believed that the man buns were a “sinful” hairstyle.

Q. How did he manage to cut off so many man buns in one day?

A. It is unclear how Dutton managed to cut off 37 man buns in one day, but reports suggest that he may have targeted a specific area where many men were sporting the popular hairstyle.

Q. How did the victims react to the incident?

A. The victims were reportedly in shock and disbelief when their man buns were suddenly cut off. Some of them were also traumatized by the violent act.

Q. What charges have Dutton been booked for?

A. Dutton has been charged with 37 counts of misdemeanor battery, as well as one count of felony aggravated assault.

Q. How has the incident been received online?

A. The incident has received a lot of attention online, with many netizens expressing their outrage and disbelief. Some have even called for stricter laws against hate crimes.


This incident highlights the need for tolerance and respect towards others, regardless of their lifestyle choices. It is important to remember that everyone has the right to express themselves in their own unique way and that no one should be subjected to violence or discrimination for their choices. We hope that justice will be served in this case and that the victims will be able to move on from this traumatic incident.

Man cuts off 37-man buns

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