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Do you want to know about laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur? Let’s find out! Laura Fuente, a food lifestyle entrepreneur, collaborates with women who work to prepare healthy meals that can be practical for busy families. Her company for food and lifestyle supports families to make healthier choices in their food and adds fitness to their routines.

“MOMables” was founded by Laura Fuentes food and lifestyle businesswoman in the Fuentes culinary culture. She was forced to adapt to living on a single income following an MBA from MIT as she juggled the demands of a family and student loans.

She needed to review their financial situation to cover Laura Fuentes’s monthly expenses. She also took off on some side work. After working for several years in the corporate industry, she started a blog about food and a side business. In 2011 she was influenced by her daughter’s advice to launch her own company.

Laura Fuentes Bio:

Today, we discuss the most incredible Laura Fuentes food and lifestyle business owner. Laura has built a profitable food and beverage business on the internet. She has also launched her line of clothes and accessories.

Laura is always searching for new recipes and cooking techniques. As a result, she is changing how people view healthy eating. Laura has dedicated her life to helping others realize their culinary goals.

In 2001, Laura started her own catering company and later established the well-known eateries Puebla and La Esquina de Laura.

Laura Fuentes is also an advocate for sustainable lifestyles and healthy eating habits. Laura Fuentes has spoken for numerous organizations that are responsible for helping to achieve these ideals.

Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur

Laura Fuentes is a businessperson who has a lifestyle and food business empire. She has also set up numerous successful businesses, including catering, a pop-up restaurant, and her line of exquisite products.

Laura’s culinary skills have earned her accolades and credit all over the globe. Laura has won awards and awards from all over the world for her culinary skills. Her latest project is a publication that includes her life story, recipes, and cooking tips.

Laura is the owner of a catering business and has two websites, one focused on fashion and the other on health and fitness. 

Laura offers tips for how to stay stylish and healthy without spending too much. Anyone who wants to start their own company or grow their existing business can find inspiration in Laura.

How Laura Fuentes Made Her Company?

The description of Laura Fuentes food and lifestyle businesswoman Laura Fuentes is the creator of the fashion brand “Laura Fuentes Design,” catering to women of today looking and feeling their most beautiful. Laura Fuentes also launched an online lifestyle site, “Mi Vida Loca,” which is a tribute to Hispanic cuisine and culture.

While each of Laura’s ventures has been successful independently, her goal was to create a business empire that could provide customers with more than food and clothes.

The Laura Fuentes collection, a collection of household products, including dinnerware, bedding, and accessories, was created as an outcome of her partnership with QVC in the year 2016.

With so many wonderful products made available through her collections, There is something for everyone on Laura’s wish list. Thus, the collections are influenced by her favorite destinations around the globe, including Mexico City to Rio De Janerio.

Guidance For Aspiring Food Entrepreneurs:

If you’re interested in beginning a food-related company, Here are some helpful tips from Laura Fuentes food and lifestyle business owner.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks:

If you believe it’s important to you, then try it first. Of course, it’s fine to try experiments and failures since their part of learning. However, it will help you become better prepared for success the next time around.

Be Creative:

Consider creative ideas when you are brainstorming ideas for products or services that your business could provide. Be sure to trust your gut and do what feels appropriate.


Connect with local business owners, attend networking and festivals, and learn from others in the field. It is recommended to give as many details as you can!

Stay Positive:

It’s easy to get frustrated by your failures, but remember that each step forward is one step toward a positive direction. So be positive, think positive, tackle obstacles head-on, and don’t give up on your goals!

Invest In The Right Resource:

Beginning a food-related business could be easier with appropriate equipment and resources. Fuentes recommends investing in quality equipment, including storage space, labels, and other equipment.


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