How to Use Red Light Therapy at Home?

Red Light Therapy

Getting a zit before a major party sounds absolutely horrific. Moreover, popping that pimple is a huge no-no. That’s why red light therapy has been shaking up the beauty industry, as you can now get flawless skin in no time!  

Red light therapy devices have received their own room in every Vogue model’s vanity. From dainty wands to full-on “cyberpunk” looking face masks, these devices can reduce signs of aging, acne spots, swelling, and many other insecurities. Now moving on to the mechanism, this phenomenal invention uses low-wavelength lights as a remedy for your skin conditions.

We will provide you with some means of implementing red light therapy into your skincare routine. So stay tuned!

Ways You Can Use Red Light Therapy At Home

Salon-like comfort at home is probably every beauty lover’s dream. So, at home red light therapy can be your best friend. Don’t panic, as we are going to narrow it down for you:


Red light skincare mainly consists of handheld devices and face masks. Thousands of LED red lights soak up your skin when you put on your mask or simply hover the wand all over your face.

Incorporate it daily with your skincare routine; you will notice reduced pores and an even skin texture. It eliminates dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation and reduces any unwanted suntan from your last vacation.

Gingers can also use it to hide their rosacea. Most importantly, people with acne-prone skin can bid adieu to any emerging zit! It means incorporating this with your skin care can make your skin more polished.


Making your skin clock go anticlockwise can work wonders when you’re halfway through your life. Red light therapy helps to boost collagen production on your skin making it more radiant.  

It means you can officially remove getting a botox from your wishlist. Gently massage your face for a few minutes with red light wands or stand near the panels. These devices can conceal fine lines, wrinkles, or any signs of aging.

At the same time, they improve skin elasticity for a more bouncier texture. You will notice your face getting lifted with a regular massage. So, red light therapy can make you look more youthful than ever.


Red light therapy has also become your assistant to treat your tiny papercuts. It means that these devices can be used to heal wounded parts of the body.

Red light therapy can cure your affected area with daily use, from small cuts to blisters. Shining the red light, these devices boost cell growth to replace the damaged ones.

They also soothe inflammation or any flare-ups irritating your skin. It means blood circulation improves in that area. Furthermore, you will notice no more acne scars engraving your face after regular usage. This is how red light therapy initiates fast wound healing.


People with androgenic alopecia can now leave their wigs behind. This is because red light therapy assists hair growth.

Red light therapy improves hair growth towards the hairline or any visible bald spots. However, hair cannot regrow in places where there has not been any hair growth before. The process is absolutely painless – you’ll only feel some heat once the ray hits the spot.

It also improves the blood supply to your scalp making your hair much more luscious. This way, red light therapy can help blad men regain their confidence.


You can easily install body-sized panel red light therapy devices to get that salon-like relaxation at home.

Just turn on the device and expose your body to the red rays after a leg day at your gym. Your body will feel a lot lighter right away.

Psoriasis and eczema can also be healed using this device. It can remove stretch marks from postpartum and, in general, overweight people.

Other than panel devices, red light therapy gloves are also available, which help to make your hands as smooth as butter. Hence, red light therapy can make your leisure time more fun.

For Pain Relief

Infrared lights are the main component in red light therapy devices which are designed to reduce pain.

These lights can penetrate through layers of the skin. It makes them remedial for people battling with muscle and joint pain. Osteoarthritis pain can be relieved using red light therapy as it goes deep toward the joints to reduce friction. It also lessens the suffering of people with Achilles tendinitis by soothing their inflammation. Moreover, dentists also recommend red light therapy as it eases jaw tenderness, making it a lot more flexible.

As a result, red light therapy can be highly used for therapeutic purposes.

Mental Health

Mental health enhancement has received much more awareness in this current century. Now therapists recommend red light therapy to ease mental health issues. 

Firstly people with depression and anxiety can feel a sense of warmth undergoing red light therapy. It makes migraines bearable, improving attention span and memory. Occasionally these devices are also used as a treatment for insomnia.

But in general cases, red light is widely known to improve people’s moods. That’s why keeping a red light therapy lamb on your nightstand is absolutely essential. Therefore, red light therapy can help in healing people.

Bottom Line

Red light therapy has been revolutionary in terms of the beauty industry as well as therapy centers. Now you know ways to utilize one for your everyday schedule.

In short, red light therapy works wonders for personal care, whether the inner or outer body. Soak your skin under red lights for plumper skin. Bonus it has anti-aging properties for elderly people. Genetic alopecia can be resolved using this.

In terms of full body, it helps in faster healing and pain relief. A lot of mental health issues can also be resolved using this therapy. Therefore, instead of breaking your bank balance on unnecessary items, get one of these devices to create a better version of yourself.

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