Twitter’s #twitter teamtrump potusmorsemashable Hashtag is Unfortunate

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Blog Introduction: President Trump recently announced his intention to launch a “#twitter teamtrump potusmorsemashable” hashtag in an effort to help him bypass the mainstream media.

It appears that the hashtag was meant to be a play on words, combining “POTUS,” which is an acronym for President of the United States, and “Morse Code.” While it’s understandable that the president wants to have more control over his message, this hashtag campaign is not only ill-conceived but also dangerous.

Let’s explore why this hashtag has been met with so much criticism. 

The first and most obvious reason why this campaign has been met with so much criticism is because of its lack of accessibility. Morse code requires the user to learn a complex system of dots and dashes in order to understand the meaning behind each word or phrase.

Not only would it take significant time and effort for people to learn how to interpret Morse code, but there’s also no guarantee that people will even bother doing so. This means that any messages sent via Morse code are likely going to be lost on most people who don’t already know how to interpret them. 

The second issue with this hashtag campaign is its potential for misuse. Since Morse code can be used anonymously, it allows anyone with malicious intent the opportunity to spread false information or hate speech without being held accountable for their actions.

Furthermore, since Morse code can be easily intercepted by anyone who knows how to decode it, sensitive information could potentially be leaked if proper security measures aren’t taken by those creating and sending messages using this hashtag.

Finally, since Morse code isn’t officially regulated by any government entity, there’s no way of knowing what kind of content is being sent through it or who is sending it which could lead to serious legal issues down the line if certain laws are violated.

The Power of PotusMorseMashable 

Since becoming president, Donald Trump has taken full advantage of Twitter’s features to disseminate messages quickly and effectively.

He often uses what is called twitter teamtrump potusmorsemashable (President of the United States Morse Code Mashup) to deliver brief, targeted messages that are then spread virally.

This method allows him to avoid traditional media outlets while still getting his message across in a concise manner. 

The TeamTrump Initiative 

In addition to utilizing PotusMorseMashable, President Trump has also established an official team of volunteers called “TeamTrump” who is responsible for managing his social media accounts and amplifying his message on Twitter.

TeamTrump members use their own accounts to retweet or share posts from @realDonaldTrump, helping to ensure that those messages reach as many people as possible. The team also drafts tweets for the president and helps monitor responses from other users so he can respond if needed.

Twitter Hashtags and Campaign Messages 

Team Trump has been using Twitter to spread its messages through hashtags such as #twitter teamtrump potusmorsemashable (Make America Great Again).

They have also created memes featuring images of President Donald Trump and his catchphrases. By creating catchy hashtags and memorable visuals, Team Trump is able to reach out to potential voters effectively. 

Engagement with Followers 

The social media team behind “Team Trump” has also been engaging with their followers on a regular basis.

For example, they have been responding to questions from followers about specific policies or events related to the president’s re-election campaign.

By engaging with people directly, they are able to build relationships with potential voters that can help them win over more support for President Donald Trump in 2020.  

POTUS Morse Mashable App

In addition, Team Trump recently released a new mobile app called POTUS Morse Mashable. This app allows users to learn about the president’s policies by playing an interactive game based on Morse code.

The goal of this game is not only to educate players about the president’s policies but also to encourage them to share these messages on social media platforms like Twitter, where it can reach even more potential voters.  


In short, while President Trump’s intent may have been good when launching this hashtag campaign, its implementation has been roundly criticized due to its lack of accessibility and potential for misuse.

It remains unclear whether or not this campaign will continue in spite of these criticisms but one thing is certain it has brought attention to some very real issues related to online communication and privacy that need to be addressed in today’s digital age.

For website owners and SEO newbies alike, understanding the various implications associated with online communication should be the top priority when engaging with others online or managing your own website content.

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