How to Have More Fun at Your Birthday Party

Birthday Party
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Whether you’re hosting kids or adults, there are many ways to make the birthday celebration fun and memorable. Here are a few tips to get you started: Make sure that everyone knows what food the celebrant likes and any allergies. Also, consider having an alternative dessert for those who don’t eat cake.

Pick a Theme

Picking a theme can make your party fun for the guests and the guest of honor. It also gives you a guide for the food, decorations and activities to include in the celebration. Try to personalize your choice of theme so that it is unique to the birthday boy or girl. Consider their favorite movies or TV shows, interests and hobbies, and the season or time of year. For example, if your friend is obsessed with the characters in Friends, you could decorate the party space like Central Perk and serve coffee-themed drinks. Similarly, you could use a movie theme to set up a popcorn bar or an escape room challenge for your guests.

Pick a Venue

Choosing a venue can be one of the most challenging aspects of a birthday party. The location must convey the theme and deepen engagement with attendees, all within a realistic budget. Consider birthday places in Austin for adults that can fit the size of your expected guests and accommodate any activities you want, like karaoke or a bowling alley. Some venues even have catering and event staff. You can find the perfect space for your event on a marketplace. The guest list you’ve curated will help you narrow your options and pick the best place to have a birthday party in Austin. Then, you may begin planning the specifics of your celebration! The more thought you put into this, the more fun your guests will have.

Indulge in Some Spirits

A birthday is a time to indulge, and it’s never too early or too late. Tap into the occult and offer your guests tea-leaf readings, Ouija boards, and psychics for mysterious fun. For the quieter crowd, a tea party can be a perfect fit. Please invite your friends to wear their best gingham and serve scrumptious teatime snacks and treats, including scones, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and other delicious bite-sized delights. If you want something more upscale, consider a black-and-white theme. Make your favorite dishes and snacks that feature black or white ingredients, play B&W movies, and stream a playlist featuring songs that have the words “black” or “white.”

Dance the Night Away

Whether the birthday celebrant is a dancing fan or the best dancer in their group, get the music playing and have them lead the way. Dance parties can also be fun with a little help from games like Pictionary and Taboo, where people draw and try to get their teammates to guess what they’re trying to say by using certain “taboo” words. If the birthday person wants to chill, make their day more relaxing with a spa party complete with manicures and clay face masks. A slumber party is also great for adults — bring out the pillows and blankets to build a fort for some cozy birthday fun. If their closest friends don’t live nearby, ask them to surprise the birthday celebrant by putting signs, balloons, or other decorations in their yards and windows before the big day.

Hire a DJ

While it’s tradition to have cake, snacks, and party favors at a birthday party, that doesn’t mean you can’t kick things up a notch! Consider adding a photo booth, karaoke machine, or virtual spa for your guests. DJs are experts at playing music and know how to read crowds and keep the party going! So, hiring a DJ for your next birthday bash is an easy way to make it one for the books. We recommend requesting past clients’ referrals if you’re looking for a DJ to host your next event! Most DJs will be happy to forward you some references. You can also request that your DJ compile a playlist of your preferred music. It will ensure you get the best possible service for your big day!

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