The Power of Laser-Focused Coaching: How It Can Change Your Life

Laser-Focused Coaching
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Unleashing your potential is a journey. And it’s a challenging one. But if you take the right steps, it can pay off big time. Get to the root of clients’ problems quickly. Understand a coach’s role and how to help your clients move forward confidently and effectively.

Observe broad themes in clients’ words and feelings to zero in on the truth. Become proficient at spotting these themes – such as feeling overwhelmed, not being heard, or having low self-esteem.

Learn how to spot themes in client conversations, listen for limiting language, and use your questions to help clients create deep shifts.

Focus on Your Strengths

We’ll help you identify your most powerful talents using the strengths assessment. Developing and using your strengths improves performance, productivity, and quality of life. Research shows that individuals and teams working in their strength zones are 3x more productive than those who don’t.

Build your skills in laser-focused coaching program and learn to use this approach with clients of any level. You’ll become a confident coach who can quickly resolve any issue with ease and accuracy.

Listen for broad themes in clients’ words and feelings so you can zero in on the truth of their situation. For example, a client discussing divorce, bad investments, and their son going off to college all in one session might indicate a theme of loss. Help clients realize they have choices, but don’t lay them out for them; instead, encourage them to find their barriers and truths.

Focus on Your Goals

Developing a laser-sharp focus helps you achieve your goals. By focusing on your goals and relating them to your ultimate purpose, you can stay more motivated and avoid the distractions that keep you from moving forward.

Master coach Marion Franklin uses laser-focused coaching to help clients overcome entrenched, frustrating situations by unpacking their rigid thinking. She guides them to probe their identities, beliefs, behaviors, and values to discover the root cause of the issues they face and helps them gain new perspectives and chart their path toward their goals.

Learn how to use the laser-focused coaching approach for immediate, sustainable results with your clients. This course offers participants a safe peer coaching round and structured debriefing, giving you more than six solid hours of experience applying the skills you’ve learned!

Focus on Your Needs

Laser-focused coaching program removes distractions and gets to the root of the matter. Focusing on the client’s goals and needs makes this process more efficient and effective than traditional therapy and enables clients to find satisfaction quickly.

Coaches listen for themes and limiting ideas to identify the root of a client’s issue. They also look for a person’s beliefs about their abilities, self-worth, and values. This approach teaches coaches to be more direct with their clients by challenging them to see the truth about their barriers and truths.

Focus on Your Values

Laser coaching is like therapy; it removes distractions and gets to the root of the problem quickly. But it differs from traditional therapy because it is designed to help clients achieve their values.

To be a successful coach, you must listen to clients’ feelings and beliefs. But you must also be objective and avoid relating those feelings and beliefs to your own. That will help you prevent your coaching from straying into therapy. Instead, if you hear that a client believes they have no options or are trapped, you can help them find solutions that allow them to move forward.

This powerful approach allows you to go deeper rather than broader, maximizing the time and creating long-lasting change. It will also enable you to become a master coach by building confidence, skills, and consistency with every session.

Using laser coaching, clients are more likely to identify their own values. For example, a client may realize that they tend to focus on others’ needs at their own expense. In this case, the coach will help them find a balance and set new priorities.

A well-trained coach can also help clients achieve their values by helping them recognize the coping strategies they use to avoid facing difficult issues. This is important because a coping strategy can mask the true cause of a problem and lead to frustration.

Focus on the Future

People with social anxiety are often future-oriented and have difficulty staying in the present. They might imagine their future successes but struggle to push through when things don’t go according to plan. These people need a healthy dose of forward-thinking but also a solid grasp of what’s happening in the present.

Getting sucked into the future or past can be very dangerous for your productivity, especially when trying to reach specific goals. Developing laser focus is the key to ensuring you can stay on task. This will allow you to stop jumping from one task to the next when it’s not necessary.

Laser-focused coaching involves digging deep into clients’ stories to identify their underlying themes. This is accomplished by listening for limiting ideas, such as “I have no choice” or “It’s impossible.” By uncovering these underlying themes, coaches can help clients see their situation differently and take action.

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