Do you know how much do nfl scouts make?

how much do nfl scouts make
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In this blog, we are going to discuss how much do nfl scouts make. Are you convinced that football scouting is your passion? Today, I will discuss how you can become a football Scout.

Many people need to realize the scouting issues and believe everyone can join the National Football League to hunt for potential players. However, if you are also of this mindset and think it is the best way to go, you’re wrong and will fail if you keep your thinking.

Let’s begin now! In this article, I’ll talk about the essential skills needed for scouting and the steps you must take to be a scout.

What Makes A Good Football Scout?

Finding the right mental profile and skills to be an expert football player takes time and effort. In addition, difficult skills are required; for example, knowledge of football and scouting also requires certain abilities that can only learn with effort.

Each of us is unique in something. For example, certain people are fantastic footballers but horrible coaches, while some have zero performance in the league but turn into great managers, and others excel as Scouts.

In this regard, it is important to ensure you know what you are entering into.

Once we’ve got gone over the basics, let’s take a review of the essential soft and hard skills an NFL scout needs to have.

Excellent Knowledge Of Football

It is a no-brainer. To recognize the talent among the countless football players with the high score, one must possess a good understanding of the game.

In reality, you’ll need to know more than the other players in the game.

Every football player understands his role and what he is expected to do to stop the opponent. Football positions have specific functions, and each player should know the specifics of their tasks within the playing field.

Scouts are different, and their knowledge is wider than one specific job.

As a scout, we watch players perform moves and commit errors. Based on that and your extensive knowledge of football tactics, you must recognize the potential.

Scouts must look back and view their field from a general and global perspective. Unsurprisingly, this requires a whole new level of understanding about football.


Patience is vital for the NFL scout, as is. You can wear glasses with roses all you want; however, football scouting is a task that is extremely challenging physically and mentally.

You’ll have to sit through hours of footage from matches and record every important move, mistake, or infraction committed by every squad member.

You are simply analyzing a game likely to consume many hours in your schedule. In addition, it’s only sometimes the case that every match will provide prospects for you to present to the team’s leadership. 

Therefore, you’ll have to show the endurance to go through scores of games to uncover just one exceptional talent.

how much do nfl scouts make
Medical checks are critical for players coming off major injuries.Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Ability To Present Yourself

You’ve discovered John Doe, who seems to be a promising player on your soccer team.

A solid gut feeling and a comprehensive knowledge of football are essential, but you must also be competent in communicating your ideas and thoughts to the team’s leadership.

If you cannot clearly explain why your John Doe should be an integral part of the team, and if you cannot defend your decision, you will lose the ability to recognize it.

Communication Skills

It is important to have “people skills” hugely matter also. Scouts are often required to be in groups, and communicating is vital if you are looking to succeed in this field. 

In addition, effective interaction with teammates and supervisors is essential to succeed at this level.

Dependability and Punctuality

In the end, you must be reliable and punctual. It is where time management and administration abilities are sure to prove useful.

Scouting is a process that involves lots of writing and travel. Being on the move for hundred days in a year is an everyday occurrence for Scouts. They are also required to prepare a lot of reports. The management usually expects to have them ready by the following Friday.

How much do nfl scouts make?

However passionate you are about scouting, they’ll expect monetary rewards to reward their hard work. So how much does an NFL scout earn per year?

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income of coaches and scouts in the sports field in June 2019 stood at $34,840. The top 10% of them earned more than $78,890. At the same time, the lowest 10% made less than $19,040.

In addition, there were universities, colleges, and professional schools, and the median wage was $46,140. In contrast, for elementary and secondary schools, the median earnings of coaches and sports scouts were 29.960 dollars.


Succeed In football has surveyed NFL Scouts, who found that scouts with 6-10 years of experience typically earn between $50-$100k per year, while those with more than 16 years ‘ experience typically make $100-125k.

As you can observe, the NFL scout’s pay is not more than average, and this certainly isn’t a job that you’d change to make lots of money.

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