High School Suspension for Fight: What Parents of a Suspended Child Should Know

High School Suspension
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If your high school child is suspended after being involved in a fight, you can challenge the school’s decision through a suspension meeting or an informal suspension hearing. In most schools, students who had to defend themselves during an attack usually get suspensions for fighting. Thus, parents must stand up for their children. Challenging the disciplinary action can make it possible to revoke and remove it from the record of the student. 

The Rights of Every Student

Under the law, public schools cannot suspend a student without holding a meeting where the student can present their account of what happened and argue against the disciplinary action. While the involved student may not get the same level of due process they may get in court, they should be allowed to respond to the accusations against them and provide evidence in their defense. Also, the school should allow the suspended student to have a Lento Law Firm lawyer present at the meeting. 

Appealing a Student Suspension

Through an informal suspension meeting, a suspension decided against a high school student for fighting will be appealed.  During the meeting, the administrators of the school will meet with the student and their parents, letting them share their side of the story. This meeting is the right place for the student to defend themselves and convince the administrators to reverse their decision. Also, the student can present evidence for their defense and have an attorney advising them. 

Preparing for the Suspension Meeting

To prepare for a high school suspension meeting, the student or their attorney can collect evidence that supports the student’s argument like related medical records, security camera footage, and a video of the incident. Such kind of evidence can prove the student only fought back in self-defense. 

In addition, the attorney can interview witnesses to the incident to know what occurred. The witness may be able to write a statement that explains what they saw happened. Witness testimony can be quite helpful if a suspension was decided against the student even if they did not instigate the fight. 

If the student successfully appeals to suspension, the administrators of the school will reverse its suspension decision and remove this from the academic record of the student. But if the school does not reverse the suspension, the parent of the student may be able to sue the high school for wrongful suspension.  Parents must discuss their situation with a skilled lawyer to know their child’s options and rights. 

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