Does Tom Cruise Dye His Hair?

Tom Cruise Dye His Hair
Tom Cruise Dye His Hair (Image Credit: Instagram)

Tom Cruise is one of the most iconic Hollywood actors of all time. From his breakout role in Top Gun to his more recent action films, he’s been a fan favorite for decades. But lately, many people have been asking the same question: does Tom Cruise dye his hair? After some digging around, we think we’ve got the answer! 

The short answer is yes, Tom Cruise does dye his hair. In fact, it’s very likely that he has been doing so since at least 2006. Back then, he was spotted with noticeably darker and richer locks than usual. Since then, he has continued to rock a subtly darker shade of brown on the red carpet. 

But why would someone as naturally handsome as Tom Cruise need to dye his hair? Well, it could be because gray hairs start to appear earlier in men than they do in women due to their high testosterone levels. And while many men embrace this natural process (think George Clooney), others opt for a little help from the bottle to keep those pesky grays at bay. 

Tom Cruise may also be using hair dye simply to update his look a bit—after all, even A-list actors need some kind of refresh every now and again! Whatever the case may be, it looks like he’s doing something right—at 58 years old, he still looks great!

The Evidence that He Does Dye His Hair 

One of the main pieces of evidence that suggests Tom Cruise dyes his hair is his age. He is currently 58 years old, and while that may not sound particularly old, it puts him in an age bracket where many men start to experience graying. In fact, although Cruise hasn’t officially confirmed it, many people have speculated that he colors his silver strands with a darker color to maintain a youthful look. 

There are other more tangible signs as well: if you look closely at photos of Tom Cruise from the past few years, you can see subtle differences in color from photo to photo—evidence that he may be using some type of hair dye product. What’s more, there have also been rumors that he frequently visits a salon to touch up his locks between movie sets and public appearances. 

The Evidence That He Doesn’t Dye His Hair 

Tom Cruise Dye His Hair
Tom Cruise Dye His Hair (Image Credit: Instagram)

On the other hand, there are some who argue that Cruise doesn’t dye his hair at all—and they point to one particular piece of evidence to back up their claim: photos of him when he was younger and had jet-black hair. These photos suggest that any gray streaks or patches could simply be part of his natural coloration; after all, some people do naturally have lighter streaks in their dark hair as they get older!  


In the end, whether or not Tom Cruise dyes his hair, it’s undeniable that whatever he’s doing is working wonders for him! We can only hope that one day we too will age as gracefully as Mr. Cruise has—and maybe even learn from him how to keep our locks looking good too! Until then…we suppose we’ll just have to guess what color Tom’s true hair color really is. Happy speculating!

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