Food Mobile App Ideas for Restaurants in 2023

Food Mobile App
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Uber Eats is a very simple app idea: order from your favorite restaurants and a driver picks it up and delivers it to your doorstep. But this dead simple restaurant delivery app raked in $5.8 billion in the fourth quarter of last year.

With one simple app idea, you could also boost your profits and get incredible engagement. Delivery apps are only the tip of the iceberg concerning what an app is capable of doing. Just in 2023, there are some fascinating app trends and food mobile app ideas for restaurants.

We’ll get you started. Keep reading for just a few clever mobile app ideas that you can implement for your restaurant.

Food Mobile App Ideas for Restaurants: Restaurant Table Booking App

Gone are the days of making a reservation in person, or calling in by phone hoping there’s an opening. Building your own reservation app gives you–and your customers–a better idea of table vacancy.

Customers can reserve them in advance whenever they feel like it. They get a live view of what tables are available so they can plan ahead. It makes your waiters’ jobs easier by knowing exactly how many people are coming, and at which time.

Restaurant Deals App

Instead of handing out coupons or using social media to promote deals, why not have an app? This app can be your one and only central location for finding the latest savings. It makes it easier for customers to find discounts and get alerts about upcoming sales.

Food Wastage Reduction App

Restaurants discard up to 10% of all the food that they purchase. This isn’t just a huge waste of money, it’s a problem when that food might better serve a starving family elsewhere.

With an internal food wastage reduction app, you can estimate with better precision how much you need. Any leftover food you can send to homeless shelters and other charitable organizations in the area.

Restaurant Inventory Management App

Similar to food wastage, poor inventory management can lead to wastage and inefficiency. An app puts everything in a central location that your employees can access. It offers low-level and high-level employees valuable information about the current state of inventory.

Restaurant Delivery App

You might be wondering why you should bother making a delivery app if Uber Eats and others have already cornered the market. But many franchises and restaurants are building their own apps. This allows them to reclaim the revenue that might be going to other businesses.

Having your own delivery app allows you to give customers unique deals and better order customization. You can offer your specials through the app. Builder AI can help you integrate different apps that you have.

Make Your Dream App with Builder AI

Food mobile app ideas for restaurants have given us fascinating concepts like Uber Eats and others. But there is plenty more that you can do with an application for your customers and your workforce. Build a custom restaurant app and witness for yourself how it improves efficiency.

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