Deep Asian Americans: The AA Rose Dickey Protocol

deep asian americansrose dickeyprotocol
deep asian americansrose dickeyprotocol

The AA Rose Dickey Protocol is a unique set of practices and values developed by the Deep Asian American community to promote understanding, respect, and inclusion in society.

It was created to help reduce anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination faced by people of Asian descent in the United States. In this article, we will discuss the AA Rose Dickey Protocol and its benefits, how to follow it, and what it can mean for the Deep Asian American community. 

What Is The AA Rose Dickey Protocol?

The AA Rose Dickey Protocol is a set of values created by Deep Asian Americans that focuses on promoting understanding between different cultures. This protocol was designed to encourage respect among members of different racial backgrounds while also allowing individuals to express their own cultural identities without fear of being discriminated against.

The protocol was named after its founder, Dr. Rose Dickey, who is an African-American psychologist from Oakland, California. She is an advocate for racial justice and has worked with various organizations such as the NAACP and Urban League. 

The core principles of the protocol include: 

• Respect – Respect all people regardless of race or ethnicity 

• Openness – Engage in respectful dialogue when discussing issues related to race, ethnicity, or culture 

• Inclusion – Create safe spaces for all individuals regardless of their background 

• Education – Provide educational opportunities for those who need it most 

• Advocacy – Advocate for equitable treatment and protection against discrimination based on race or ethnicity 

• Community Building – Promote unity within communities through collaboration between diverse groups  

What Are The Benefits Of The Protocol? 

The primary benefit of using the AA Rose Dickey Protocol is that it helps foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding between different cultures.

This will in turn lead to more inclusive environments where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves without fear of mistreatment or disrespect.

Additionally, utilizing this protocol helps create stronger relationships between members of different racial backgrounds which can ultimately lead to greater acceptance within society as a whole.

Finally, implementing this protocol can help reduce instances of hate crimes committed against people based on their race or ethnicity due to increased awareness about diversity within communities as well as better education about cultural sensitivity.  

How Do You Go About Following The Protocol? 

If you are interested in following the AA Rose Dickey Protocol there are several steps you can take:

First, become educated on issues related to racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination so that you have a better understanding of how these topics affect people’s lives.

Second, seek out conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds about their experiences with racism

Third, create safe spaces for discussion about these topics; Fourth, take action through advocacy efforts such as protests or writing letters

Fifth, support organizations that provide educational opportunities for those who need them most

Sixth participate in events that promote unity within communities

Seventh build relationships with people from other cultures through meaningful conversations and activities

finally, stand up against acts or comments that are offensive towards any individual or group based on their race/ethnicity/culture/background etcetera…  


The AA Rose Dickey Protocol serves as a valuable tool for creating a more empathetic society where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together without fear of prejudice or mistreatment.

By following this protocol individuals will be able to develop an understanding of each other enabling them to build healthier relationships based on mutual respect rather than hatred or mistrust.

This can ultimately lead us towards greater peace amongst our global population if we learn from each other’s differences rather than being divided by them.

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