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As the world is progressing towards the modernization of lives through technology, businesses are growing wider in the spectrum of outcome and reliability. Every business owner looks for individuality and an idea that separates them from the norms to effectively evolve in the modern world. Business development activities extend across different departments, including sales, marketing, project management, product management, and vendor management. The need of the day is to categorize the problems and growth patterns of businesses in a systematic way that is useful for entrepreneurs.

In order to stay ahead in your chosen field and set the direction you desire for your organization, you must be proactive, not reactive.  Owners must anticipate the unexpected and be the source of the change, not the result of it.  Being proactive will enable you to assess outcomes and avoid all unforeseen circumstances as well. Entrepreneurs of the day are constantly looking for evolvement and growth in every walk of life because of the survival difficulties in the modern era of business.

Businesses nowadays are growing with leaps and bounds in all aspects. One of the names that has grown with its subsequent industries is the Blakbloid Integrated Investment Limited (BiiLGroup). The Director of Operations at Blakbloid Integrated Investment Limited (BiiLGroup) is Babatunde Olaniran – an entrepreneur who is good at rallying people around a common goal. He can handle complex information and break it down into simple terms with his intuitiveness and incredible foresight. Babatunde was born on April 18th, 1988, in Lagos State of Nigeria.

He completed his schooling in his hometown Lagos State, Nigeria. He completed his primary school education at NITEL Staff School, Lagos. After completing his college at Kings College in Lagos, he pursued a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the University of Lagos. He then completed a Bachelor of Technology in Project Management Technology from the Bells University of Technology, Otta, Nigeria. He then went to California, USA for a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the Hult International Business School San Francisco. 

Olaniran works as a Managing Director of TundeLaniran Farms Ltd, a company established in 2018 that works in the agricultural business of cassava, maize, yam, dates, plantain, and moringa farming also processing high-quality healthy food products such as Cassava Garri, Cassava Flour, Moringa Seeds, pitted sliced Dates, Plantain bites and other ready to eat food products -all organic with no preservatives or additives. Over 1000 acres of farmland and a processing facility in Oyo state, Nigeria.

In addition, the other services offered by the farms are sales of farmland as an appreciating asset and management of farmland for a decent annual return to people who are interested in agriculture and would like to begin on safe grounds. He is also a member of the board of trustees at a non-profit organization Blakbloid Foundation. It is a non-profit organization focused on three key areas; food security (for kids and less privileged), medical (primary health care), and education (skills and personal development).

Their headquarters is in Lagos with a current capacity to serve across Nigeria. He is also the Director at Blakbloid Logistics Limited. The company primarily hauls goods all over Nigeria with its fleet of 45-ton capacity trucks. He is the also the Director of Syrma Mahsal Autos Ltd which operates in automobile sales and financing and is focused on helping Nigerians across the country access vehicles of their choice easily via financing so they can make installment payments.

Currently, Blakbloid Integrated Investment Limited (BiiLGroup) is working on another industry to add to the subsidiary list. Blakbloid Methanol Company, is an energy company focused on producing methanol using natural gas. This company will contribute to reducing its carbon footprint by producing alternative energy sources to fossil fuels through methanol. They are in a set-up phase and currently seeking investors to partner to build a 1500Metric ton per day capacity methanol plant in the Lekki Free Trade Zone area of Lagos State, Nigeria. It is a multi-million-dollar project. Without any doubt, BiiLGroup has attained some outstanding heights in the business sector through constant efforts and hard work.

Olaniran, as a key individual of the group, has worked his way up the ladder through constant efforts and an attitude of never giving up on situations. He has built a fine example for people around him to pick inspiration and provided them with the correct set of advice for working in the industry. His ideas of innovation and leadership are the key factors he possesses in himself to make businesses evolve and grow in the right direction.

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