Air Fryer Recalls | Everything You Need To Know

Air Fryer Recalls
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Air fryers have exploded in popularity in recent years as a convenient way to cook crispy favorites like french fries and chicken wings without all the oil. But with any popular new appliance, there are bound to be some manufacturing defects that lead to select models being recalled for safety issues.

In this guide, we’ll cover which air fryer brands have faced recalls, what potential dangers to be aware of, how to check if your model is affected, and what to do if you discover you own a recalled appliance.

Why Air Fryers Get Recalled

First, it’s helpful to understand the main reasons air fryers can get flagged for recalls:

  • Overheating – If electrical components overheat, they pose a fire hazard. This is the most common cause of air fryer recalls.
  • Faulty Wiring – Bad internal wiring that doesn’t meet safety standards can overheat or cause electrocution risks.
  • Detachable Parts – Certain lids, baskets, or racks that can detach put users at risk of burns.
  • Tip-Over Hazards – Units that are not balanced well and tip over easily when bumped or can pull down stovetops present dangers.
  • Electrical Shock Risks – Any exposed wiring or ability to access internal components could cause shocks.

Many recalled models may have multiple dangerous defects. But the vast majority stem from overheating issues that become fire hazards and safety risks.

Brands of Air Fryers That Have Been Recalled

Several major air fryer brands have faced recalls in recent years:

  • Cosori – Multiple COSORI air fryer models have faced recalls, most due to fire hazards from malfunctioning internal wiring.
  • Emeril Lagasse – Several air fryer models under this celebrity chef’s brand were recalled for possible electrical arcing and overheating.
  • NuWave – NuWave issued recalls for some of their digital air fryer models because of faulty wiring that could overheat the units.
  • Tristar – Various Power AirFryer oven models were recalled for detachable parts and electrical hazards.
  • Gourmia – Gourmia recalled one model of their air fryers due to fire and burn risks.

Other brands like Ninja, Instant, Philips, and Cuisinart have also had to recall select air fryers in smaller quantities due to isolated manufacturing issues. It’s important to note that most units from these brands have not faced any recall. But certain models contained flaws that warranted voluntary recalls for safety.

How To Check If Your Air Fryer Is Recalled

If you own an air fryer, it’s a smart idea to routinely check it has not been recalled. Here are some tips for checking:

  • Carefully Inspect Your Model Number – Compare the model number to recall lists from the Consumer Products Safety Commission and manufacturer websites.
  • Look For Recalls Directly on Brand Sites – Most brands like Cosori and NuWave list current recalls prominently on their websites.
  • Check With the Retailer – If purchased from Amazon, Walmart or another major retailer, check their recall listings.
  • Enter Your Info in – This CPSC website lets you enter product info and alerts you to any recalls.
  • Sign Up for Recall Alert Emails – Brands like Cosori let you input your info to receive recall notifications about that product line.
  • Stop Using Any Suspected Unit Immediately – If you find your unit has been recalled, don’t take risks and continue using it.

What To Do With a Recalled Air Fryer

If you discover your air fryer model has been recalled, stop using it immediately. Check the recall notice for return and refund instructions through the retailer or manufacturer. In most cases they will provide a prepaid shipping box and refund.

You can also opt to have some brands repair recalled units by replacing faulty parts if desired. But for optimal safety, we suggest replacing any recalled appliance rather than attempting repairs on your own.

Research New Replacement Options

Having to give up a recalled appliance always stinks. The bright side is you now have the opportunity to research new air fryer options and potentially upgrade to an even better model!

Be sure to consult reliable guides like our list of the best air fryers to find a well-tested replacement that customers love. Investing in a highly rated air fryer from a reputable brand is the best way to get back to safely air frying your favorite foods after parting with your recalled unit.

Final Thoughts!

While recalls can be inconvenient and concerning, companies issue them voluntarily out of an abundance of caution. Stay vigilant in routinely checking recall databases for any appliances in your home so you can identify and replace defective products. With a top-rated replacement air fryer, you can get back to cooking safely!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever had an appliance that faced a recall and how you handled it. Share any tips for others on the lookout for air fryer recalls.

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