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Human resource management is probably the most challenging task that you have to do as a business owner or employer. You developed a whole HR team to manage it effectively but still failed to do so with perfection. HRM is all about your employees. You need to take their perspectives and handle their conflicts. Furthermore, designating them on the basis of their contributions to the company’s success and handling their payments is also included in payroll management. 

As the world has grown advanced over the past century, you don’t need to stick with the old HRM system. You can get HRM software for your company to handle HR effectively. There are numerous types of HRM software, let’s have a look at them and decide which ones are required by you.

Major Types of HR Software

Based on the functionality, there are the following main types of HR software. Let’s go through them.

HR Software for Benefits Administration

Such types of HRM software are widely used to manage the benefits of employees in your company. Benefits administration software usually gets linked with the payroll system to handle the benefits of employees in an effective way. The key benefit of this software system will be the availability of everything related to compensation on one platform.

Employees and the HR department can have access to it whenever they want. The key features of such a software program include the self-service portal for all your employees. Apart from that, it must have an automated system of reward and incentive management. Total compensation management must also be done by the software.

HR Software for Employee Training

Training your employees according to advanced marketing strategies and other alterations in every field of life is the key to making your business successful. You cannot get every employee well-trained and extremely talented. You need to train your employees to make them valuable to your company. And nothing can do a better job than employee training HR software to train your employees. 

The key benefit of using this software program is that it enables you to provide every type of training to your employees. It also helps the new employees to get adjusted to the company by teaching them everything about the company’s policies. The key features of Employee training software include personalized user experience and online learning portals. It must also have an integration with other learning software and HRM software used by your HR department.

HR Software for Performance Management

Your employees perform different tasks every day. Some of the tasks are assigned to a single employee only and you can get a clear idea of this employee’s performance. However, when you assign a task or project to an entire team, it becomes challenging to keep track of every employee’s performance. In such a case you must have HR software for performance management. This software enables you to track the performance of every employee when working on a project. 

The main benefit of this software system is the complete tracking of employees’ performance. It standardizes and automates the employee’s performance reviews. The key feature of this software must include an improvement plan creation, review and feedback processing, and reporting of employees’ performance in certain projects. 

HR Software for Payroll Management

Managing the payroll of your company is not an easy task. You have to keep a record of your employees’ salaries along with other payments. Doing all these things without payroll software is almost impossible. Therefore you must get an HR software program for payroll management as well. This software program will enable you to manage the payroll effectively. 

Time-saving, minimum errors, and automated calculations are the key benefits of using this software program. The key features include the automation of the whole payroll system. Tax calculations, direct deposits, and salary calculations are the key features of this software. Apart from that, it must also help in tracking employees’ working hours, bonuses and overtime, and deductions. 


You need all the aforementioned types of HRM software for your company to manage HR effectively. However, you can get a single software program such as Netchex as well. It has all the features in a single pack and you can use it for payroll management, performance tracking, and other similar tasks.

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