A Guide to the Perfect Viking Style Wedding Dress

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Not only is planning a Viking-style wedding a great way to have a unique wedding theme, but it’s also a perfect way of celebrating your Nordic roots.

This way you can make your wedding celebration a diverse experience with rich cultural elements and timeless aesthetics. At the heart of this celebration is the bride’s attire, a Viking-style wedding dress that reflects the spirit of Norse traditions.

In this guide, we’ll explore the essential elements and considerations to help you find or create the perfect Viking-style wedding dress for your special day.

Fabric and Material Selection

The choice of fabric plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of a Viking-style wedding dress. Traditional Viking attire favored natural materials that were readily available in the Norse lands. Consider the following options:


Lightweight and breathable, linen was a common fabric in Viking clothing. It evaporates water, including sweat, so it’s perfect for a wedding set on a hot summer evening.

A linen wedding dress can provide comfort and authenticity.


Especially suitable for colder climates, wool was another staple in Viking clothing. A woolen cloak or shawl can add warmth and a touch of authenticity.


For a bold and authentic Viking look, consider incorporating leather elements into your dress. This can include leather belts, straps, or even a leather bodice.

Silhouette and Style

Unique wedding dresses with a Viking style often feature distinctive silhouettes and styles inspired by historical Norse fashion. There are many elements to consider when planning your dress.

Tunic Dresses

Embrace the simplicity and elegance of a tunic-style dress. Typically knee-length or ankle-length, a tunic dress can be adorned with embroidery or embellishments for a touch of Norse flair.

Draped Gowns

Choose a gown with draped or pleated elements, reflecting the loose and flowing style of traditional Viking clothing. Draped sleeves and skirts add a sense of movement to the dress.

Corseted Bodice

Incorporate a corseted bodice for a flattering and authentic Viking look. Leather or fabric corsets can be adorned with intricate patterns or metal embellishments.

Color Palette

Yes, modern weddings often feature a white or ivory color palette. But Viking-style wedding dresses can embrace a broader range of colors inspired by nature and Norse symbolism. Consider the following options:

Earthy Tones

Embrace earthy tones such as moss green, deep brown, or muted red to reflect the natural landscapes of the Norse regions. It’s a great way to connect to the earth that sustained your ancestors.

Royal Blue

Symbolizing wealth and prosperity, royal blue was a color associated with royalty in Norse culture. It can add a regal touch to your Viking wedding theme.

Contrast and Embellishments

Use contrasting colors for embroidery, embellishments, or trim to add visual interest to your dress. Gold or silver embroidery can evoke the richness of Viking art.

Embroidery and Symbolism

Incorporating Norse symbols and intricate embroidery into your wedding dress adds depth and personalization. There are many motifs to consider when Viking style wedding dress shopping.


Runes are defined as a mark or letter of mysterious or magic significance.

Norse runes are ancient characters with mystical significance. They can be embroidered onto your dress for a touch of authenticity and symbolism.


Intricate knotwork patterns, inspired by Norse art, represent the interconnectedness of life. These can be beautifully inculcated into the design.

Animal Motifs

Norse mythology is rich with animal symbolism. Consider incorporating images of wolves, ravens, or dragons, which held cultural significance for the Vikings.

Headpieces and Accessories

What is a Viking-style wedding dress without an elaborate headpiece? You can choose whatever works best for your style.

Crown or Circlet

A crown or circlet adorned with metalwork or gemstones can add a regal touch to your ensemble. Feel what it’s like to be a queen for a day.

Hair Accessories

Norse women often adorned their hair with beads, combs, or braids. Consider incorporating these elements into your hairstyle or as accessories.

Cloak or Shawl

A woolen cloak or shawl is not only practical for colder weather but also adds a dramatic and authentic Viking touch to your overall look. It can be adorned with elaborate Norse symbols as well.

Practical Footwear

Viking-style weddings often involve outdoor elements, so practical and authentic footwear is essential.

Leather Boots

Choose knee-high or calf-high leather boots for an authentic Viking look. Consider boots with fur lining for warmth and comfort.


If you’re having a beach or summer wedding, consider leather sandals with a Norse-inspired design. This will be more comfortable and casual.

Consider the Season and Location

The time of year and the location of your wedding play a significant role in determining the practical aspects of your Viking-style wedding dress.

Of course, it would be nice to have a winter wedding. But then you would have to opt for heavier fabrics like wool and consider adding a fur-lined cloak or shawl for warmth.

If you go for a summer wedding, then a Viking women’s dress made from lightweight linen or cotton fabrics is ideal for that, keeping you comfortable in warmer weather.

Don’t forget to have a cloak, shawl, or hood to protect against the elements, if you have an outdoor wedding.

Customization and Personal Touches

Ultimately, your Viking-style wedding dress should reflect your personality and style. Don’t hesitate to add personal touches or customize elements of the dress to make it uniquely yours.

Don’t hesitate, even if it doesn’t seem particularly Nordic. Who knows, you might start a new Norse tradition.

If incorporating a handfasting ceremony, consider incorporating colorful ribbons or cords into your dress for a symbolic and visually striking element.

Incorporate family heirlooms, such as jewelry or accessories, into your ensemble for sentimental value.

Create the Perfect Viking Style Wedding Dress for Yourself

Your wedding day is all about getting creative, especially with your wedding dress. If a Norse tradition is what you are after, then a Viking style wedding dress will be perfect for that.

And don’t forget to check out related articles on our website about other wedding-related tips.

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