6 Tips For Choosing The Right Lakme Product That Suits Your Skintone

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Makeup and beauty products can help you create whatever look you imagine. They transform your thoughts and dreams of your perfect look into reality. But before you begin the magical journey of looking on point daily, you must discover your skin tone. Your skin tone decides whether the product will look great on you. And when you know what your undertone is, you can experiment with all the different products that can transform your persona.

As a result, you must explore your skin tone to choose some of the best Lakme products. To help you in this journey, consider the tips below to give you the desired look.

Discover the 6 Tips That Help You Choose the Best Lakme Product

When you discover your skin tone and type, you explore your shade for cosmetics and Lakme skincare products. Knowing your skin like the back of your hand will help you purchase every Lakme product. Hence, the tips that will help you in this venture include the following:

Discover Your Skin Concerns

No matter which Lakme product you may consider purchasing, you must first be aware of any existing skin issues. The skin concern can be acne, infection, or oily skin around your t-zone. Depending on these issues, you must purchase a product that will not flare up your skin issues. For instance, if you have extremely oily skin, avoid oil-based products. In this case, going with matte products will be the best choice for you.

Similarly, you need a luminous and hydrating formula if your skin is prone to flaky and dry patches. These formulas may contain added nutrients and antioxidants that will elevate the moisture level of your skin. If you have acne, use a mineral-based and light formula that will be gentle to your skin.

Identify Your Undertone

One of the significant keys to choosing the best Lakme product is ensuring you know your undertone. Generally, people have either a warm or cool undertone. But you could also be neutral, a cool and warm undertone mixture. In that case, you must use products matching your skin undertone to get the best results.

For instance, if you have a pink undertone, you should use a lip tint with blue or purple tones. However, you should go for warmer hues if you have a yellow undertone. And if you fall under the neutral category, then any colour will work for you.

Determine the Coverage or Formula

Certain Lakme products come in many types of coverage and formulas that suit the look you want and your skin type. Choose something that delivers light coverage if you have clear skin and want a dewy and natural finish. Use medium coverage if you want a natural look by evening out your colour. Medium coverage generally has a buildable or sheer formula of content.

If you want to cover up any discolouration or blemishes and achieve flawless skin, you can go with full-coverage products that give you a satin or matte finish.

Compare the Available Lakme Products

Even when purchasing a single brand like Lakme, you still get many choices of products. To ensure that you find the one that suits your skin type and tone while being hygienic and cruelty-free, you can compare the products by reading reviews, researching, and testing the formula before making a final decision.

Choose a Shade or Two

When you purchase a specific shade of your Lakme product, you must consider your skin tone. But everyone has different skin tones in every part of their face. Hence, you can test the shade you buy on your jawline since it is the most neutral part of your face. And when you want a natural-looking finish, you must get the product that matches your face, chest, and neck.

Also, you must consider the season you are purchasing your Lakme product for. The season can widely impact how a shade looks on your skin tone. Thus, you can try switching shades to ensure they match your skin all season. Furthermore, you should consider buying more than one shade to ensure you have all the necessary choices.

Choose a Lighter Shade when in Doubt

If you are stuck between two different shades of product, it is always better to go with the lighter one. Some products can oxidise your skin and become darker after application. And getting a light shade is always a safe choice. If it becomes too light, you can always dust your face with a bit of bronzer. Moreover, if your foundation proves to be darker, it will be challenging to make it lighter. But if it’s already light, it can be easy to make it dark.


Choosing the right Lakme skincare products according to your skin tone is important, but there are also so many other elements that you need to consider. These include product coverage, skin issues, and many more. Also, the weather is always one of the significant factors in purchasing a Lakme product since even the weather can affect your shade. So next time, when you go shopping, ensure you follow all these simple tips and get yourself the right Lakme product that perfectly suits your skin tone!  

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