6 Steps for android app development: Effective Guide for the Beginners

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In the past few years, the online business has grown a lot. Due to the rapid rise of online business, the demand for app development has also increased. Today, every brand small or big wants an app for their business. An app helps a lot in growing the business and improving branding. You can also develop an app for your brand by hiring an Android App Development Australia company.

If we talk about apps, then Android apps rule the market. In all areas of the world, Android is dominating whether it is America or Asia, or any other region.

Today, you will find it for every purpose whether it is banking, healthcare, payments, shopping, cab booking, etc. You just name anything, and you will find the app for that purpose. So, the competition is stiff in the market out there. So, you need to be advanced and creative to stay and win in the competition.

Here, one thing is for sure the apps are in demand everywhere. So, you will also need an app for your business. You can hire Android development services to develop an Android app for your brand.

In this post, we will discuss why Android app development is beneficial and also, and we are going to give some steps that will help in developing apps, especially for beginners.

Advantages of android app development

  1. Versatility & Scalability

After the introduction of Android Studio, Android has become a lot versatile and scalable. The Android app platform’s adaptability allows developers to create dynamic mobile applications that may be used for a variety of purposes after being loaded on a device. This is one of the reasons why the demand for Android app developers has increased a lot.

  • Multiple sales channel

The Android app can be used in various ways in business. Thus, there is no need to depend on more than one market. You can form your own distribution and sales channel.

  • Easy customization

It’s simple to link your Android application with a variety of business processes, allowing for quick customization of the complete platform tools by just integrating your app. You can hire an Android app development Sydney company for the best use of the Android app.

  • Lower cost

One can develop an Android app with a small amount of money. You just need to pay a one-time registration fee and then the developers can use the material design from SDKs and can develop the best interactive apps. Also, user engagement is high in the apps. So, you can expect a high ROI from a lower cost.

  • Faster deployment

The development cycle of Android apps is very quick. So, it is the best choice for companies who want to quickly market their idea. So, do hire an Android development Sydney for this purpose.

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Steps for Android app development

  1. Visit the official site of the Android

First and foremost, visit the official webpage of android and attempt to peruse each conceivable detail referenced on the site. It will help you to the environment of android. And, furthermore, assist you with knowing arrangements thoughts, and every one of the advancements that are related to android.

As a beginner, it is important for you to understand the theory of Android. You must know everything about Android if you want to develop an Android app. On a website, there are many important things that can help you in your app development journey.

You can even get some extra details that can give you an edge over other developers. But, for that, you need to go through the website thoroughly.

  1. Check out Kotlin

Kotlin is a free, open-source, statically typed “pragmatic” programming language that blends object-oriented and functional programming concepts. It was originally intended for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Android.

Since May 2017, Google has officially supported Kotlin on Android as a “first-class” language. There are only a few companies that are creating apps by using Java, and Kotlin is one of them. Thus, understanding Kotlin becomes important if you want to be an app developer. 

  1. Know about Material design

Material design is the Android-oriented design language. It is developed by Google, supporting natural movements that resemble real-world items and are used to promote onscreen touch interactions.

Study the site of Material design. Go through the entire website and learn all the details about it. It is very important to know about Material before you start your journey as an Android developer.

  1. Download Android Studio

In programming, it is important to have an integrated development environment (IDE) and Android studio is the most popular IDE for Android development.

Android Studio is supported by Google. download the android studio and basically begin utilizing it. It gives the fundamental UI to the application where the designers enter the code.                       

It also helps to identify errors that happen in the process. It makes excellent recommendations and helps you to easily handle and execute your own apps. Android Studio creates the files you need and provides basic layouts, saving you time and effort.

  1. Write the code

Now, after following the above steps, it’s time to write some code. You are not going to learn to develop apps just by reading theory. You need to practice along with reading. So, it’s time for you to start writing the code.

Visit the official website of Android. Now, go to ‘Develop’. Here, you will get 2 main sections:

  1. Training Course: This section is for helpful examples. Visit all these examples before you start programming.
  2. API Reference: In this section, there are a lot of texts, descriptions, examples, etc. You will find it hard to go through all the examples but it is important.
  1. Stay updated

Last but not the least, you need to stay updated with all the latest happenings related to Android. The new updates, trends, everything. Try to subscribe to articles, newsletters, or blogs related to Android development. It will help you a lot.


In conclusion, we would say that Android is a very popular operating system. The majority of the apps are powered by Android only. If you also want to develop an Android app, then you can hire Sydney android app development. And, if you wish to learn Android app development then you can follow the steps that we have mentioned in this post. These steps can prove very helpful to you. At this time many Helpful Mobile Applications were Launched so you can use them very easily.

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