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Choosing a reliable wholesale hair distributor to buy hair extensions wholesale can be challenging, especially as Asia dominates hair extension production. An excellent hair seller or manufacturer may be easily found thanks to the internet today. 

Years ago, you had to pack a suitcase of cash and fly across the world just to have a vague idea of where you could view some hair extensions. Anyone committed to launching a hair business can quickly uncover hundreds of hair merchants by using a computer to search online or browsing through Instagram.

So, should you believe everyone who “slides” into your inbox or shows up on your feed? Without a doubt! A new hair boss should know these 8 tips to find a great hair seller and prevent disappointment. We’ll pay greater attention to Chinese hair suppliers in this piece. Check out this post to learn if buying hair from a US source is wise.

Good Hair Vendors Exist on Ali-Express

Ali-Express is a fantastic Chinese platform that links Chinese hair sellers with customers like you so you can buy hair extensions wholesale. Discovering what is available on the provider market can be done in this location.

The general hair quality on this low-cost platform could be better, and some hair vendors con unsuspecting customers. Instead of being actual manufacturers, the “hair factories” are trading hubs or even intermediaries sellers.

You need to research to know if the hair dealer is a factory so you can buy hair extensions wholesale. Nonetheless, we still advise making a list of all the Ali-express hair firms you like so you have a list of suppliers you can contact. You’ll have a better understanding of what each vendor has to offer after asking around and comparing.

Ask for Price Lists and ask as Many Questions as Possible.

Your knowledge should be helpful in this situation! Suppose you are still learning about human hair extensions, synthetic hair, density, hair types, etc. In that case, we advise you to put your hair company on hold and do a short course or consultation.

They will show you how to outsmart the “fake sellers” when you buy hair extensions wholesale, and they are usually free. Always enter a business with much information so nobody can exploit you.

Once you’ve located a seller you like, present them with a list of the goods you intend to sell and request price lists. For instance, you should ask price lists for bundles, full lace wigs, and frontals if you want to sell them.

When you buy hair extensions wholesale, ask for everything they have usually needed clarification from your merchant, who will only provide you the cheapest lists. Do not inquire whether the hair is Brazilian and “Is this virgin hair?” These inquiries will give the impression that you are a casual customer with limited hair knowledge.

Instead, you should be very specific about what you want to see. You can ask for the price lists for your hair of the most incredible quality by saying something like, “Please give them to me.” Your merchant will understand that you value quality if you do this. You can actually receive two or more price lists from them.

Good Hair Vendors Provide Good Hair Photos and Videos 

When you buy hair extensions wholesale, request images of various hair textures from the hair provider. Avoid a vendor if they appear eager to provide you with something or claim they need pictures.

A good hair provider should always want to connect with you and give you the required information as long as it’s manageable. A possible decent hair vendor can be scared off if you overdo this, so keep that in mind. Salespeople dislike being manipulated by people who lack interest. Make sure to specify that you want to see the hair quality if you request numerous photos.

When you buy hair extensions wholesale, you can continue spending time with a vendor to determine if the product is right for you if it asks you to wait a moment and then returns with the requested information.

Remember that hair merchants from other countries operate at different hours, typically separated by day and night. Your inquiries need a more timely response.

Good Hair Vendors Layout All the Shipping Costs and Hidden Fees

Many hair bosses overlook this detail. When you buy hair extensions wholesale, if you receive a price list that appears to be quite affordable and you are prepared to pay all your savings, STOP RIGHT THERE because there will undoubtedly be additional costs.

When you buy extensions wholesale, ask your vendor about the possible hidden costs, then observe their response. If the answer is straightforward and complete, you will realize that the hairdresser wants to ensure you comprehend everything. But it merely implies that your hair seller is patient, which is a positive sign—it doesn’t mean that you got a fantastic hair vendor.

Unfortunately, even if your seller discloses every hidden fee, these costs vary regularly. They are challenging to estimate because currency conversion rates change frequently.

US hair sellers are a favorite among hair bosses because they assume the risk on your behalf, and there won’t ever be any hidden expenses. You’ll be able to keep your earning potential at a predetermined level. Running a business is ultimately about sustainability rather than daily financial risk.

Good Hair Vendors Give You Precise Processing Time

The production of some goods requires more time than others. Any additional processing times outside of same-day processing should be disclosed to you by your vendors. Unless an item is personalized, a Chinese hair facility should NEVER tell you to wait for 3 business days. 

For instance, when Western customers are sleeping, the fulfillment center in China distributes hair nonstop! In this manner, they can handle shipments to the fullest extent while promptly responding to daily inquiries.

Although not everyone can offer this service, a minimum industry standard of same-day processing time should be established.

You should never use a vendor who misrepresents the time it takes to process a bundle or is otherwise dishonest about it. 

These could significantly slow down your processing time and cost you, clients. Moreover, a hair dealer may transport the hair to themselves before providing it to you.

When you buy hair extensions wholesale, you shouldn’t believe a hair dealer that promises a processing time but consistently fails to meet it! A client once contacted us for information before placing an order in China. Her advertised 3-day processing time took 5 days to complete, and the shipping deadline of 3 days took a month. She never placed another hair order from China and promptly returned to us.

Good Hair Vendors Let You Order Hair Samples

If everything sounds right and the communication is on par, you should ask about getting some hair samples. Get package deals as samples, and advise several YouTube hair business gurus. Nonetheless, we advise you to request two bundles from various grades from the merchant.

As we’ve already stated in this essay, grades, and density are NOT actual metrics. In essence, businesses are free to establish their own qualities. Only when there are several grades to compare can you determine how good the hair is. You can compare the two rates of hair if your dealer offers them. The choice to order more can then be made.

Receiving several “grades” is another way to verify the dependability of your hair vendor. For instance, we provide 4 classes of hair and a different kind of raw hair that isn’t specified. Several hair grades and variations might demonstrate a business’s capacity for customization.

If a vendor has only one grade, their hair is very good or awful. If it’s not a US hair vendor, it’s usually the latter. Yet, you should refrain from doing business with any organization that just provides one type of hair.

Expecting to receive free or inexpensive hair samples is unrealistic. To see the richness and variety of the hair, you need to get a complete bundle. 

Purchasing hair strings is a good use of money because the hair cannot be used again. You should find another vendor if you have so much doubt about the hair seller.

Good Hair Vendors Accept Paypal

Ask your vendor what forms of payment they accept. If you don’t have a good relationship with your hair vendor, NEVER, and we mean NEVER, pay them using Money Gram, wire transfer, or any other method. You won’t be able to get your money back if you submit money and receive fake goods.

Chinese suppliers dislike Paypal payments because, like US hair firms, they run the danger of chargeback fraud.

Small hair sellers want to avoid losing any money. Still, larger sellers may already have the necessary safeguards and are okay with accepting PayPal. To protect yourself, you should always initially advise a PayPal payment. See this article for information on setting prices for the hair industry. We outlined the process for paying your vendors as well as the cost of transaction fees.

Good Hair Vendors “Kind of” Have a Return Policy

You can only return something if you purchase hair from a Chinese supplier, end of story! This is because replacing some bundles would cost too much in postage. However, before purchasing, you should still inquire about the return policy. 

You could need to return a product for various reasons, including poor quality, a flaw, the wrong item, etc. You should be aware that your hairdresser will negotiate with you honestly.

Ensure that your seller will be held accountable if they send the incorrect product. If they make a mistake, a trustworthy Chinese dealer will consent to exchange an unused item. There’s a very low probability that they’ll pay back some of your shipping costs. A dishonest vendor will say no returns outright.

The frightening issue is that anyone can talk nicely to gain money. You can only tell if they speak the truth once a Genuine return issue arises. After they have earned your trust, a terrible hair seller will steadily lose it. You only ever hear excuses when something goes wrong.

On the other hand, you should only use a US hair vendor or corporation if they permit a return. In the US, having a fair return policy is considered good corporate practice. Customers who unintentionally purchased the incorrect product or length have a 7-day window to return it. In contrast to other countries, this is a norm in this one.

It is very understandable when American hair companies seek to protect themselves by excluding return policies. The buyer’s regret and consumer fraud are to blame for this. Stay tuned to Hair Boss Seminar as we shortly post a piece on how to combat consumer fraud. In any case, no return is terrific news.

Good Hair Vendors Will Start Slowly and Grow with You.

If you don’t trust the vendor, trust your gut and go on to the next one. Trust is the most critical factor when you base your business on someone else’s dependability.

Choosing a hair supplier is similar to finding a business partner that will stick by you through tough times. They will instruct you when you make mistakes and assist you with knowledge gaps. They want to develop along with you. A competent hairdresser is motivated by your success. 

As you would expect from your clientele, they likewise want mutual respect for their service. Occasionally, it will benefit you in the long term to be considerate of others’ time.

When Branded Hair Extensions initially began dropshipping hair for customers, a message was sent to one of our sales team members in which the sender used profanity repeatedly when we stated that we did not pay for her start-up costs. 

As a running business, we had to ban the customer’s number, even though we didn’t want to. But only if she had the patience to realize nobody else could provide such a thing. With the money from the coffee, we could have assisted her in starting her hair salon!

International suppliers may reply slower than our live customer service, available Monday through Saturday. They might try to assist you, but they need to speak English. These people are in a different time zone and have regular business hours. 

Talking from their point of view could help you learn things you never would have known otherwise. Ultimately, you don’t want to be a lousy customer; you want to establish a partnership.


Despite it being a middleman, trading corporation, or factory, you might find a reliable hair provider when buying hair extensions wholesale. The honesty of the provider is the most crucial factor. A manufacturer that doesn’t respond to your communications is better than a middleman business that is trustworthy and honest. Moreover, there are both high-quality and low-quality hair factories.

When you buy hair extensions wholesale, choosing a reputable hair merchant requires expertise, perseverance, and risk-taking traits. You will be successful in the hair industry if you believe you would love starting a hair business from scratch.

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