6 Proven Team Building Activities for Employees

Team Building Activities for Employees
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Team building exercises have long been at the forefront of leadership debates as great leaders create a team worthy of facing tough challenges. It is a term thrown around casually and sometimes earnestly, but many need help to grasp the real effects and consequences that real team building can achieve. A well-rounded team relies on the collaborative effort of the team’s members and the effective bonding between them.

Excellent communication between employees and their camaraderie can help propel an organization to achieve its desired targets and goals. The team’s gelling is increasingly becoming an important parameter that companies look to foster with concerted efforts by the HR department. Team building activities can increase a sense of belonging between team members, and it can also increase the importance of the organization. From hosting funny awards to hosting BBQ parties or having outdoor sports challenges, team-building activities can foster positive thoughts between team members:

1.    Escape Room Challenge

Building escape room puzzles is one way of building camaraderie among team members. These escape room challenges are a fun way of making team members think about the possibilities of leaving an enclosed space. Here, the team must sit down and join their intellectual abilities to find ways to escape their temporary confinement. Skills such as communication building, problem-solving skills, and teamwork are greatly enhanced through this exercise.

2.    Outdoor Adventure or Sports

Organizing a leisure day outdoors is a great team-building activity, as many individuals like to play sports in the open. Apart from getting a day off from the hectic routine of the office, it also paints a new picture of your colleagues. Many individuals only know their teammates concerning work routines and have few interactions away from the office. Such days of outdoor activities such as hiking, paintball, or team sports like soccer or volleyball can add a flavor of fun as well as adventure and increase the bonding between team members.

3.    Cooking or Food Tasting Event

Thinking of the outdoors and sports isn’t your only option when enjoying a day in the sun. A good picnic, a BBQ in the woods, or hosting a cooking extravaganza can also be a great team-building activity. Hosting a cooking class or organizing a food-tasting event where teams can work together to prepare different meals can also nurture friendship and teamwork. Cooking as an activity fosters cooperation, while the tasting activity encourages positive communication and the sharing of diverse opinions amongst team members.

4.    Problem-Solving Scavenger Hunt:

Creating a scavenger hunt with riddles, puzzles, and clues that lead to a final location presents an intriguing and curious team-building exercise. It encourages people with problem-solving skills to come to the fore and apply critical thinking to solve various puzzles. Moreover, the art of leadership can play a big role in deciding which ideas to focus on and which ideas seem too far-fetched. A good leader will understand these challenges and gain the trust of their fellows by asserting their authority and working together to achieve a common goal.

5.    Team-Building Workshops

Sometimes, all you need is some external help, as traditional team-building activities may become stale. A professional facilitator can encourage individuals to break the shackles of formality and commit to a team-building exercise by hosting team-building workshops. Care must be taken when conducting such exercises so that the team members are fully invested in them and not just there for the sake of attending such workshops.

6.    Community Service

Venturing out into the community to help those in need or arrange a blood donation drive can be a great motivator for team members to gel together. Joining hands towards a common task, such as helping the community around you, can increase participating members’ self-worth and respect for each other. Such high esteem for each other creates positive feelings amongst team members, and they can function as a close-knit unit contributing towards the organization’s success. Volunteer work is always rewarding as it helps the community and uplifts the organization’s mood.

It is quite easy to plan team-building activities, but eliciting the desired outcomes from such exercises has become equally difficult. Successful team-building activities require careful planning and an honest intention to increase the bonding of the team members. It is important to plan these activities depending on the workforce’s specific needs. For example, a short survey can gauge which activities individuals may take a liking to, and thus, you can arrange those at the earliest.

The success of team building activities depends on organic involvement from the members and not mandatory or forced involvement. It is a good idea to show your employees that the organization is invested in them by investing in their recreational and fun needs. Moreover, community service actions also elude positive responses from employees, resulting in a mature and strong team.

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