5 SEO Case Studies to Help You Improve Your Strategies

SEO Case Studies
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It’s no secret that Google has changed the game regarding search engine optimization (SEO). Since Google regulates more than 1 billion pieces of content every year, how can you properly tackle these changes as a business owner?

Read on to be inspired by successful seo case studies about companies that use SEO best.

1. Gadget Flow Focused on Content Relevance 

Gadget Flow is a popular platform that shares the latest and greatest technology, gadgets, and gear while connecting its readers with crowdfunding opportunities and campaigns. When they started, their mission was to help the public find products they needed for everyday use. 

When the company studied its traffic, it realized that most people used their platform to keep up to date with newly released products. Part of its success came from understanding its audience and focusing its efforts on catering to its specific needs. 

To stand out from their competition, they’d have to focus on their organic traffic to stay relevant. This simple move significantly increased their visibility to the public, proving that sometimes, strategies used by top SEO agencies can be applied in-house with significant effect.

They achieved this by focusing on putting out only the most relevant, high-quality content. This entailed creating structured data with relevant reviews for each product, helpful blog posts, and videos to help customers find what they wanted. 

2. How SnackNation Ranked First and Increased their Revenue

SnackNation is a snack company that sells healthy snacks online. However, they’re not just another cookie-cutter eCommerce store; by learning how to optimize backlinks, the company increased its traffic to its homepage by 59%! 

When you visit SnackNation’s website today, you’ll notice many things. They include attention-grabbing visuals all across their website and relevant, quality blogs related to their products. An employee applied what is known as the “skyscraper” technique to focus on high-ranking keywords used by their audience. 

Using keyword-researching tools like Udemy, they gathered some ranking phrases and words related to their snack industry. They looked for existing, top-ranking blogs centered around healthy snacks and fitness and worked to create relevant and informative versions. 

3. How Backlinko Boosted Organic Traffic Overnight

Backlinko is a tool that helps teach content creators and businesses understand SEO to rank better. That means that they not only provide this top knowledge on SEO, but they apply the tried and tested methods themselves!

Their founder, Brian Dean, created the famous SEO strategy called the “Skyscraper Technique.” It helps you get higher rankings by improving on the mistakes of your competition. This same technique boosted traffic to Backlinko by more than 650% in just one week.

4. How to Rank Highly on SERP Results

Over 3.5 billion search queries are made on Google daily, making it quite a task for businesses to grab the attention of their target audience. However, Leanne Wong shared a proven method to beat the competition and rank high in five steps. 

It entails opting for medium-length keywords instead of longer or very short ones. Ensure that you include “action words” in the keywords like “how to make guacamole,” as opposed to just using “guacamole.” That is because people who search for the first phrase are more likely to take action than those simply searching for what guacamole is.

Another tip is to use Google’s predictive search tool to find these keywords, then create blogs and other content focusing on these keywords. The next step would be incorporating those medium-length keywords in your URL and title. Also, include it within the first paragraph, which will help your content rank higher when consumers use those keywords. 

Lastly, don’t forget to promote your content. Take advantage of social media to share your content and have others share it.

5. How Zapier Bags 1.6M per Month From their Blog 

Zapier is a company that helps automate business processes by connecting apps. They owe their success to strategies like pitching their services through a back door method. This is perfect for businesses that aren’t as easily marketable because people don’t search for their specific niche. 

Here’s how Zapier does it:

  • Providing blogs that offer conventional solutions as well as improved solutions to problems visitors have
  • Showing how, when addressing said problems, Zapier could help automate various processed
  • Linking to other blog posts they have related to a certain topic to keep visitors on their website for longer

This way, visitors get answers to their queries and more nuggets of information, securing Zapier as a reliable resource for their specific topic.

They also work hard to “borrow” other websites’ keywords and optimize them, ranking them high for said keywords. In this case, the main traffic here comes from other apps. Think of it as associating your business with a specific niche. These keywords bounce back traffic to your website.

Incorporate SEO In Your Business

Ranking on Google isn’t simply about putting out content but strategizing to give high-quality, relevant content! Hopefully, this article helped inspire your action plan for strategizing a new marketing and SEO process. Remember that different strategies work differently for various businesses. Focus on what works for your business. 


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