From Animal-Free to Fashion-Forward: The Many Benefits of Faux Leather Sandals

The Many Benefits of Faux Leather Sandals

With the increase in awareness of animal cruelty and its impacts on the environment, animal-free fashion items are gaining momentum. People are demanding ethical and sustainable fashion alternatives that align with their values. Faux leather, an artificial alternative, is a popular alternative to animal leather.

Moreover, Faux leather sandals have caught the attention of environment-conscious fashion enthusiasts who are always on the move. It has proved to be the best alternative to animal leather with several advantages. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of faux leather sandals. But first, it is crucial to understand the negative effects that animal leather production poses on the environment.

Environmental Impact of Animal Leather Production

Leather is made from animal skin and is therefore a by-product of the meat industry. The fact that thousands of animals are abused and killed in the process of obtaining leather is not unknown. Leather production not only employs in animal-cruelty but also poses harmful risks to the environment. The amount of feed, water, pastureland, and fossil fuels used to raise these livestock results in a huge cost.

In order to raise these animals or their food crops, a wide area of trees have to be cleared, resulting in rapid deforestation. Moreover, the chemicals that are used to tan leather are harmful and known to be the most toxic of all. These chemicals are not biodegradable and are washed down to water bodies leading to water pollution. As a result, people who come in contact with these water sources are also harmed.

Additionally, with the increase in fashion varieties, people’s buying habits have increased and so has the number of waste products that end up in landfills. It means that all the resources that have been used to raise these animals and to obtain leather, go in vain.

Benefits of Faux Leather Sandals

Faux leather is also referred to as synthetic leather or artificial leather. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to animal leather. It provides several benefits in relation to the environment as well as our lifestyle and foot health.

Does not involve animal-cruelty

Faux leather does not involve the exploitation of any animals or the degradation of the environment since it is made artificially from PVC or PU leather. It is a great vegan option for those opting for an ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Cheaper in cost than animal leather

Faux leather sandals are cheaper than animal leather sandals, which makes them an ideal footwear choice for cost-conscious individuals. When purchasing animal leather, we have to pay more in order to cover the cost of livestock rearing and factory procedures, which ultimately results in a higher price. Faux leather, however, does not involve such costs which makes it a comparatively cheaper option.

Easy to maintain

Leather sandals are high-maintenance as they require intense care to conserve quality over time. On the other hand, maintaining faux leather sandals is easier as just a wet cloth wipe will suffice. Unlike traditional leather sandals, they do not require the application of any shoe polish or special treatments. Moreover, having a low moisture absorbency, it also prevents the growth of fungal or bacterial infections.

Appealing style and appearance

Faux leather sandals come in a variety of styles and colors without compromising on comfort. Traditional leather sandals offer a more polished look but sandals made of faux leather are equally appealing. These sandals are made to look identical to animal leather so the difference cannot be spotted easily. Faux leather sandals are also known to retain their shape irrespective of foot pressure. Whereas, animal leather sandals wrinkle under pressure over time.

Comfortable to wear

Sandals made of animal leather usually take a few years to fit properly while faux leather sandals feel flexible from the get-go. They are also lightweight and allow breathability and adequate support to our feet when walking for long hours.

Kosh-a Faux Leather Sandals and Wedges 

Kosh-a offers a variety of faux leather sandals for quality-conscious women on the move. Our range of sandals and wedges is inspired by the Indian traditional Kolhapuri designs that are stylish without compromising on comfort. Handcrafted with the help of vegan leather and traditional sandal manufacturing processes, each pair receives unique attention to detail. Whether you need a sandal for regular wear or special occasions, we’ve got you covered.

Kosh-a sandals are crafted in a way that offers optimum comfort and arch support to ensure good foot health despite walking miles. Explore the high-quality and durable Kolhapuri sandals that are crafted, keeping in mind the requirements of women of all ages. Still confused whether kosh-a suits your style and needs? Checkout our guide that has it all sorted for you – The Most Comfortable Sandals for Women: Style, Fit, and Functionality

Bottom Line

Kosh-a, is the ultimate companion for women on the move. Opt for our vegan footwear and say no to animal cruelty. We respect your concerns for the environment and understand the daily hustles. That’s why our footwear provides you with optimum comfort without compromising on style or ethics. Explore the wide range of sandals from our store, kosh-a, and let us help you find the best one that aligns with your daily needs.

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