Why Opt for Monthly Car Rental in the UAE for a Long Trip?

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Exploring a new country is all about fun, adventure and new insights. From planning your stay to choosing your means of transport, there goes a lot of thinking and planning for a successful trip. Your mode of transport has a significant impact on your vacation in terms of comfort, affordability and exploration. If you are visiting the UAE you will find tourists opting for public taxis, buses or metros to save on costs. But do you know, rent monthly car Dubai is quite an affordable choice, especially if you are on an extended vacation.

Benefits of Monthly Car Rental in the UAE

Listed below are some of the advantages of long-term car rental in the UAE:


Public transportation can get stressful with fixed timings and less chances of reaching your destination at a go. If you are going for a long vacation in the UAE, running after public transport means losing time, money and energy. Instead, renting a car on a monthly basis offers more convenience and more savings. The comfort of traveling in your personal car without having to worry about pickups and dropoffs is incomparable. Hence, prioritize your comfort to make the most of your vacation.

Economical Option

Another advantage ofmonthly car rental in the UAE is the extra costs and time that one can save up. One demerit of public transportation is that they can drop you to your desired destination all at once. For instance, if you decide on traveling by metro, first, you need to commute to the metro station. Secondly, you will be dropped at the desired metro station from which you again need to take a cab or taxi to the final destination. The entire process involves more time and money than a rental car. Besides, the car rental companies also offer attractive discounts on long term car rentals in the UAE.

Enhanced Comfort with the Car

Whether it is an Dubai SUV rental, sedan or even a compact car, a monthly car rental in the UAE offers ultimate comfort and convenience. You have greater flexibility in planning your itinerary and exploring at your own pace. There is no need to do everything on fixed schedules. A monthly rental car offers the freedom to choose your routes too. At times you can take the less crowded route or even set off for an off beat location. Since you will be using the car for a long period of time, you are also getting more familiar with the functioning and technicalities of the car, which is yet another advantage.

Wide Range of Cars

There are numerous car rental companies that provide cars for rent in the UAE on a monthly basis. You can avail attractive discounts on long term car rentals and also enjoy enhanced quality of services. The car rental companies tend to give more importance to long term rentals as compared to short term ones.

Monthly car rental UAE is a beneficial deal for a long vacation as compared to public transportation or short term rentals. To book the best long term car in the UAE, OneClickDrive can be your trusted partner and guide.

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