Why Is A View of Supply Chains as Services Gaining Traction Now?

Services Gaining Traction

There are a variety of trends that are important to consider when it comes to supply chains and supply chain operations. One of these trends is the concept that a supply chain is a service. This idea has become quite prominent in the field of supply chain operations, and any company involved in supply chain operations has to be at least aware of this idea. 

This view of supply chains has not been prominent in the industry for long. Therefore, examining this idea of a supply chain as a service is important. This blog post is a good resource for an even more in-depth analysis of what SCaaS is. Keep reading to find out more about why viewing supply chains as services is a view that is gaining traction in the supply chain operations field. 

What Is The Idea Known as Supply Chain as a Service?

The idea of the supply chain as a service is a relatively simple one. It simply means that the company should outsource supply chain operations and let an external provider take care of every step of the process, from procurement to delivery. Doing so means that the company can concentrate on its core competencies. Additionally, outsourcing supply chain operations allows a company to decrease its overhead costs. 

What Are Some Benefits that Supply Chain as a Service Provides?

SCaaS Cuts Down on Overhead Cost

This idea, commonly shortened to SCaaS, provides several benefits. As previously mentioned, a company can decrease its overhead costs and concentrate on its core competencies more effectively. For example, a company whose core competencies are IT management, IT software, and other IT services might not want to devote too many resources to supply chain operations outside the scope of said core competencies. In this case, it is easy to see why a company would find SCaaS appealing, especially if it is smaller and wants to trim its overhead costs. Articles like this further demonstrate the growing popularity of SCaaS in the overall thinking of the supply chain operations field. 

SCaaS Lets Organizations Use The Latest Tech Affordably

Another benefit of SCaaS is that it allows organizations to capitalize on the latest innovations and technology without requiring the company to invest in the required infrastructure to use those innovations and technology. That can save time, work, and, most importantly, potentially a significant amount of money. Cloud-based solutions are an excellent example of this. 

Machine learning and predictive analytics are two types of cloud-based solutions. With a SCaaS approach, a company can gain valuable insight into the supply chain process and make decisions based on a well-informed understanding of that process. No matter how one analyzes supply chain operations, a final mile delivery service is always a huge part of the process. 


SCaaS is a useful idea that can save companies time and money. This idea also allows them to operate more effectively. Because of these benefits and others, it is little surprise that SCaaS is gaining traction in the field of supply chain operations.

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