Let’s find out who is the oldest wwe wrestler.

Who is the oldest wwe wrestler
Who is the oldest wwe wrestler (image credit: WWE / foxsports)

Do you know who is the oldest wwe wrestler? Professional wrestling is today an activity for young men. The average age members of WWE talent are in their mid-thirties, with a few being in their 20s and a few younger in their early forties. 

However, in the early times of WWE, some wrestlers continued to compete into their fifties and even into their 60s! Although this isn’t the case today due to injury issues, there are occasions when the WWE brings out some old stately figures.

When the Brothers of Destruction defeated DX in 2018, the combined age of both was 204 years old, with three being over fifty. 

When Goldberg took on Undertaker during the 2018 World Championships in Saudi Arabia, both men were over fifty years old. 

It might seem old; however, the WWE has brought many older wrestlers into the ring. It does not include special appearances like Battle Royale with gimmicks; these are the longest-running wrestling champions from WWE history.

Who is the oldest wwe wrestler?

List of old wrestlers:

5/5 Terry Funk 

Here’s the shocking fact regarding Terry Funk — he was the NWA World Champion in 1975 when he defeated Jack Brisco for the title. 

Funk was just 31 when he took the title. He wrestled in the second WrestleMania at the age of 42. When ECW was first introduced, Funk showed up and became a hardcore fighter and winning his WCW World Championship at 53.

In 1997 and 1998, Terry Funk returned to WWE and assumed the enigmatic identity of Chainsaw Charlie, who was teamed with Cactus Jack. They defeated some of the younger New Age Outlaws, and Funk quit in 1998 at 54. 

In the end, Funk returned to WWE for one final fight in the ECW One Night Stand in 2006 and wrestled again in 2006, aged 62.

4/5 Jerry Lawler 

Jerry, “The King” Lawler, is 69 and still wrestles in independent wrestling promotions. Lawler would continue to wrestle for WWE should they allow Lawler to. 

However, the last time Lawler was a wrestler for WWE was when he nearly died. It was in 2012 when Lawler was paired together with Randy Orton to beat CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler.

Lawler’s final match in WWE was because, following his match, Lawler came back to his commentary duties and had a heart attack. 

Lawler’s heart stopped, but the medical staff saved Lawler on hand. The match was held when Jerry Lawler was 62 and was the final occasion that WWE allowed Lawler to participate in their ring.

3/5 Vince McMahon 

Being the owner of WWE, Vince McMahon has rights that others don’t have. It’s also not helping that McMahon believes he can accomplish anything since the wrestler continues to take bumps up to the age of 73. 

So McMahon lets Brock Lesnar F5 him, Kevin Owens headbutts him in the head, and then Roman Reigns Superman punches him!

As of 1999, McMahon was among the wrestlers ever to be crowned in the World Championship at 54. McMahon also won his first AECW World Championships in 2007, aged 62. 

In WrestleMania XXVI, McMahon took on Bret Hart at 65. In 2012, McMahon scheduled himself to take on CM Punk, and even though they did not officially sanction the match, McMahon was 67 when his first appearance in the ring along with Punk.

2/5 Fabulous Moolah 

Wonderful Moolah was among the pioneers in the field of women’s wrestle. The NWA women’s champion from 1956 held the title for 28 years. 

She was a part of WWE in the 1980s and took home the WWF Women’s Championship in 1985 at age 62. She held during the Rock and Wrestling Era of WWE for two consecutive years.

In 1998 Moolah returned to WWE in a lighter role at 75 years old. She wrestled during her return and against women just a quarter of her age! She became the first octogenarian to wrestle in WWE at age 80. She was in her final match at 80.

1/5 Mae Young 

Mae Young
Mae Young (image credit: WWE)

Fantastic Moolah passed away in 2007 at 84. However, her dear acquaintance Mae Young was able to surpass her and become the longest-running wrestler to ever wrestle in the WWE arena. 

Mae Young began her career in 1939, at just 16 years old. She worked throughout the globe until 1968. What she did next is unknown but she was in WWE in 1999.

Mae Young was part of the comedic stories of Fabulous Moolah and Fabulous Moolah, as the two female wrestlers, aged 87 and 89, began competing with younger girls. Then, in 2010, Mae Young shocked the world by battling LayCool and took the title -aged 87.

Conclusion: So, the answer to who is the oldest wwe wrestler is Mae Young!

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