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Carlito (left) with PrimoCredit:
Carlito (left) with PrimoCredit:

Where is carlito from wwe? Let’s find out! Carlito is often mentioned when WWE supporters think of previous WWE stars that deserve another shot. 

There was plenty of buzz about Carlito’s WWE return at the 2021 Royal Rumble match and an appearance later that night on Raw. However, the rumors about Carlito signing another contract to run for longer were not true.

WWE has yet to include Carlito on their roster since his infamous but unpopular release in 2010. 

Carlito was a bit of a snitch against him, and controversy surrounded his name in several instances. But it was a definitive choice of his that led to WWE’s hand in exile. The whole story of Carlito’s WWE ending is worth a second analysis of why an aspiring star quit at his peak.

Carlito Gained Backstage Heat For His Lack Of Effort

It was apparent that the momentum built by Carlito was slowing down as the backstage elements were able to play out on the artistic side. 

In addition, the reports began to surface that WWE perceived Carlito as lazy and not motivated, which is why they stopped the possibility of him becoming the next main eventer. 

Carlito always had great matches and was naturally charismatic. However, he did not take the extra step required to be a household name.

Ric Flair’s rant against Carlito for not being passionate in a promotional demonstrates the truth of what WWE believed, as it was the same in all online reports. 

Carlito was in a feud against Triple H, Flair, and Randy Orton at the tail of his singles campaign. 

Unfortunately, the concept of having him wrestle with the top talent on the ladder could have been more successful and eventually led WWE to lose faith in him when he did not perform to the level of his peers.

Carlito noticed his chances beginning to decrease as WWE had doubts about him changing his ways. 

Carlito’s United States and Intercontinental Championships reigns from his previous stint were the most successful for his whole WWE time. Carlito was shifted from a mid-carder trending toward the top of the list to a lower mid-carder with lower job security.

WWE Gave Carlito An Ultimatum When He Failed A Drug Test

The last few years of Carlito being in WWE were a tense period for fans who wondered how things unraveled so swiftly. 

WWE put Carlito in a tag team along with Primo, his brother. Primo when he was a part of the organization. Both wrestlers were good friends when they were kids and began learning the ropes of the wrestling business from their father, Carlos Colon.

Carlito and Primo were able to have a good run in a feud with The Miz and John Morrison, as well as a storyline with Carlito and Primo and John Morrison’s Bella Twins. 

The problem was that WWE was in a rut when it came to organizing tag team wrestlers; it took a lot of work to deal with together as a team. 

Carlito was subsequently plagued by problems backstage that got to a boiling point after being found to be violating the wellness policy by taking the result of a failed drug test.

Carlito Chose Not To Have A Big Wrestling Career Elsewhere – where is carlito from wwe

Many wrestlers on Carlito’s or lower shifted to other promotions following being let go by WWE. TNA, Ring of Honor, and New Japan have allowed many talents to achieve their potential, reach a higher level or achieve another chance to be successful. 

Carlito did not pursue any of these promotions and decided to stick with every week of independent wrestling shows throughout the past decade, never signing any contract anywhere.

The theory is that Carlito had a specific financial amount to consider to pay his fee, which many promotions were unwilling to pay.

It resulted in mostly short-term or one-off bookings for companies Carlito and other notable names to gain attention from having well-known talent appearing on their show. 

International promotions were Carlito and his father’s primary call to action, particularly his promotions for Puerto Rico.So, you have all information about Carlito and where is Carlito from wwe. Enjoy reading!

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