What Kind of Work Computer Is Good for Remote Work?

Remote Work

Becoming a remote worker is far more attainable than a few short years ago, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the fruits of your labor by working from your home office. Over 22 million workers in the United States work from home full-time, and the perks that working from home offers are difficult to pass up.

Choosing the right work computer is a significant consideration when setting up your home office. The wrong work laptop could make collaborating with coworkers a challenge. Battery life, processing speed, and storage are all vital features to look for when shopping for a work computer.

Fortunately, you’re in the perfect spot to tackle remote work with the latest computer technology. Continue reading to find the best work laptop today!

MacBook Pro

MacBooks are divisive when it comes to remote work, and remote workers either love or hate these beautiful pieces of technology. The MacBook Pro performs better than it looks, which is an impressive accomplishment in its own right. It’s fast, has tons of storage, and has excellent battery life.

The MacBook Pro is a bit cost prohibitive, coming in at a higher price than most work laptop options. The speakers and keyboard are highlights of this work computer, but it lacks a substantial webcam for online meetings. Still, it’s one of the best laptop options if you work from home.

Dell XPS 13 Inch

If you’re not a fan of Apple, Dell makes an excellent alternative to the MacBook Pro called the Dell XPS. It’s a laptop ready for work from home or the digital nomad life. The XPS offers impressive storage, with up to 512 GB available on the hard drive.

The Dell XPS is one of the best options for a remote worker at home or abroad. Add in the touch screen display, and you’re looking at a fantastic value in a work computer that will do everything you need. The battery life is the only drawback of this Dell laptop.

HP Spectre x360

HP is another excellent computer manufacturer for remote workers who need a Windows operating system. In addition to its stunning design, the Spectre x360 is one of the quickest work computer models on the market. It offers 512 GB of storage along with 16 GB of RAM and fully managed daas linked here.

You’ll get elite security with this HP laptop since it uses face identification to grant access to authorized users. It has excellent performance and a beautiful display, though it lacks the Dell and MacBook Pro battery life. A drawback to consider is the possibility of overheating the laptop.

Find Your Next Work Computer Today

Picking out a work computer is a significant investment that you want to get right when preparing to work from home. Your home office will look splendid with a MacBook Pro or Dell XPS sitting on your desk. The HP Spectre x360 is another excellent option if you prefer a Windows operating system and quick processing speeds.

Are you ready to take the first step toward becoming a remote worker? Read more of our business and technology blog posts for more valuable information for your career!

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