Patreon: Revolutionizing the way artists earn a living


Patreon is a word that’s been popping up a lot lately in the world of independent artists and for good reason. It’s a groundbreaking online platform that provides a sustainable income for artists of all types.

The basic idea behind Patreon is simple: well-wishers support artists financially in exchange for exclusive content and rewards.

What is Patreon

Patreon is a revolutionary online platform that has changed the way independent artists earn money. The concept behind Patreon is simple: fans and supporters of an artist can provide financial support in exchange for exclusive content or rewards.

By enabling people to become patrons, Patreon provides creators with a sustainable, long-term income stream that allows them to focus on their art without worrying about finding other sources of income. With its innovative approach to monetizing art, Patreon has opened up new possibilities for creative professionals around the world.

The birth of Patreon

Patreon was founded in 2013 by Jack Conte and Sam Yam. As a musician and artist himself, Jack Conte had been struggling to make ends meet through his creative pursuits.

He knew first-hand that it was extremely difficult to make a living as an independent artist, even when you had a dedicated fan base. The idea of creating a platform where fans could support their favorite artists in a more intimate way was born from this struggle.

How Patreon works

Artists and creators can set up a profile and offer different tiers of content and rewards to their patrons. Fans can choose to support their favorite creators with a monthly pledge via Patreon.

In return, patrons gain access to exclusive content such as photos, videos, behind-the-scenes footage, merchandise, and more. The more patrons an artist has, the more funds they receive each month.

Why Patreon is different

Patreon differs from other crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe in a few key ways. First and foremost, Patreon is geared toward recurrent funding, meaning that patrons pledge a monthly amount to support their favorite creators.

This allows for a more stable income that artists can count on month after month. This reliable income stream enables creators to do away with the traditional “starving artist” stereotype and focus on producing quality content.

Secondly, Patreon is unique in that it allows for a more personal and intimate connection between creators and their supporters. Patrons are not simply donating money. They are investing in the artist and the content they produce. This creates a sense of community that is invaluable for both creators and their fans.

The benefits of Patreon

The benefits of using Patreon as an artist are numerous. For one, it provides a consistent income stream, which can take a lot of the financial stress off an artist’s plate. It also allows for creative freedom since artists don’t have to rely on corporate sponsors or advertisers.

Additionally, Patreon helps artists build a dedicated fan base that can follow their career trajectory and support them from the beginning.


Patreon is a revolutionary platform that is changing the way artists earn a living. It provides a stable income stream, creative freedom, and a sense of community that is invaluable for independent creators. Whether you are a musician, writer, artist, or content creator, Patreon may be the solution you have been looking for to turn your passion into a viable career.

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