Do you know what is frat flu?

what is frat flu
what is frat flu

What is frat flu? Do you know? Here is everything you should know! Students across campus have been suffering from congestion, coughing, and other symptoms reminiscent of colds over the past couple of weeks. However, Student Health Center officials are still determining the source.

Although probably a variant of the common cold, the illness has been called the “frat flu” by LSU students on Twitter and TikTok since they found it in Greek Life.

A lot of students who are experiencing symptoms have tested positive for COVID-19, mono, and flu, according to Student Health Center Executive Director Julie Hupperich. However, the school has yet to announce a confirmed influenza case this semester.

There were just 36 cases of COVID-19 on campus as of October 15 as per the COVID-19 dashboard at LSU, which indicates that approximately 80 percent of students are vaccine-vaccinated.

“Some students have claimed that it’s coming from the residence halls, we’ve heard others say it’s Greek organizations — honestly, I think it’s just something we’re seeing in general among the student body,” Hupperich explained.

If you catch it from a second-hand source or the dark basements of the fraternity house, there is a good chance that you’ll not get through college unharmed. 

It’s a fact that the “frat flu” is a disease that typically manifests after an extended period of sleeping, no carb intake as well as a fair amount of drinking alcohol. Although it’s not deadly, it could feel like you’ve lost your mind.

What is frat flu?

The frat flu isn’t an actual virus, but it is what it’s called. After a weekend spent partying, our immune systems are less robust and are more vulnerable to infections. Some signs, like congestion, sore throat, headache, nausea, and congestion, can be seen. You can think of the frat flu as a common cold with an amusing, humorous name.

The issue with frat flu is that it can easily spread. Even if you’re not partying at college, it’s a high-stress environment, and stress (on top of other things like an inability to sleep) could make your body vulnerable to illnesses. 

Be accountable when experiencing a cold, regardless of whether the cause is just the flu, to protect your classmates (some might be immune-compromised). Be aware that illness affects every person differently!

“Of course, try to avoid sharing drinks, cigarettes, or anything else that might transmit germs,” Seitz states. “It might also be best to steer clear of anyone who looks or sounds sick and shower as soon as you get home to help eliminate germs you may have picked up during the night.”

Fool-proof frat flu treatments 

Let’s suppose you contract the flu. What’s next?

As with the common cold, you can use plenty of treatments at home to fight the flu. Unfortunately, it’s not the most deadly illness that exists. However, it is possible to fight this deadly virus with items you already have in your home.


It is a common rule of thumb for parties, but it’s more crucial when frat flu season arrives. In the days leading up to your next weekend (or daytime, I’m still determining when you’ll be partying), drink plenty of water. 

Drink lots of water and avoid excessive caffeine consumption–easier said than done, I know. However, even when drinking your drink, you should continue drinking water or any other drink with electrolytes. 

It will not only keep you from getting hungover, but it will also ensure that your body is healthy enough to resist bacteria and viruses. So drink up a lot of water.


One of the most effective remedies for feeling down and down is a warm, soothing tea or a bowl of soup.

If you’ve had a bad experience with sore throats taking a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon can do wonders to ease your illness! 

Honey and lemon are both great sources of an anti-inflammatory effect that will soothe your throat and give you the relief you require. In the case of light soup, it will provide that comfort when you’re not performing at the most optimal. Plus points if it’s got the spice ginger inside!


If you’ve been afflicted with the frat virus, resting is the best option for your body. Because most parties during the weekend will be on the weekend, you’ll need some buffer time to recuperate before going back to school.

If you experience an increase in symptoms, it’s best to take yourself to your health center on campus. 

Preventing yourself from getting unwell is crucial; however, it’s also crucial to protect the health of everyone around you! 

Therefore, take a test for COVID-19 as well as strep throat. Also, try to create as much space as possible between you and your friends (yes, it could be a matter of masking!).

“If approved by your doctor, you can also try taking an over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with any pain or fever you may be experiencing,” Seitz advises. “And, of course, get plenty of sleep!”Be careful of yourself, dear friend! Doctor’s orders! Hope you get everything about what is frat flu!

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