What do dolphins eat in minecraft?

What do dolphins eat in minecraft?
What do dolphins eat in minecraft (Image Credit: Minecraft / sportslumo)

What do dolphins eat in Minecraft? Here is everything that you need to know! Dolphins are neutral creatures in Minecraft. They are usually located in groups of 3 or more, moving throughout marine biomes. In addition, dolphins are non-leap mobs, meaning they can only attack players when provoked.

Dolphins usually reproduce around the level of 45 at sea levels. Dolphins produce only within all marine biomes, excluding frozen biomes. These creatures can be useful to players of their Minecraft globe.

Dolphins can guide players to hidden treasures or increase speed while the person is slicing through the water. In addition, the mobs are unwavering companions for players for as long as the player remains faithful to the mobs.  

They look exactly like dolphins from their natural environment. They have a gray-colored hue and have fins and tails sticking at the back. Dolphins can be seen in all biomes except frozen ones.

All basics you need to know!

Dolphins can attack any group in the water which threatens the player. To benefit from these abilities, all a player needs to be doing is giving dolphins food. Dolphins in Minecraft consume raw cod and salmon!

When people feed them, it’s essentially having them tamed. The dolphin follows the swimmer around and, when they swim, bumps the swimmer a bit, and the swimmer moves quicker in the water.

The players in this post will find out how to locate Cod and Salmon within Minecraft. Minecraft world!

What do dolphins eat in Minecraft?

Dolphins in Minecraft consume raw cod and fish from the ocean. However, dolphins cannot venture out to search for their food independently. Dolphins only eat fish that are given to them by a human.

Giving the dolphin food will cause the dolphin to believe in the player and become the player’s faithful partner. Dolphins can protect players from hostile mobs and will only harm the player when the player does harm to the dolphin.

Where to get raw cod?

The raw cod is found from the surface to 32 feet. You can find the mobs in freezing, cold, lukewarm, and normal oceans in Minecraft, so they’re not that difficult to locate.

They usually reproduce in groups of between 4 and 7 and have generally tan in color. You can find fresh cod by fishing or taking a different route, navigating the sea using a sword, and killing one.


Salmon spawns in the same areas as cod. Salmon spawns in groups of 3 to 5 and is typically found in the range of 5 to 32. The fish reproduce like cod in cold, normal, cold, and frozen oceans.

The fish are red and a bit green in their color. They have a slightly larger shape than cod is thought to be. Salmon is easy to spot in Minecraft, along with cod, as they are found in virtually every marine biome.

Salmon is also found in village chests sometimes.


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